what to look for when buying a eyeliner?3 recommended eyeliner reviews

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By Helen

what to look for when buying a eyeliner?Let's see the 3 recommended eyeliner reviews!


Revlon Marble-ous Match - Made for Jade

Review by Jaie: good product...for the price and it being a drug store brand...i underestimated this product..i actually just browsed through at the pharmacy but the colour really attracted me to it..so i thought...why not...it's not that expensive..and i've been loving it!!!would definitely buy it again but i doubt that it will still be available once i'm done with it...so i better go out and buy the other colours as well!

Review by diachu21: This is a lovely eyeliner...I got it because I wanted to try green on my brown-with-hints-of-gold eyes and I'm too unsure to use a total green eyeshadow look at this point. I used this with a brown quad (Revlon Coffee Bean to be exact) on my eyes, lined the inside bottom rim with black/brown kajil and then the outer lower and upper rim with the green from this pencil; then (toward the centre of my face) lower/upper rim with the champagney colour. The result is lovely... beautiful bright colours that make my eyes stand out. I like the green! I might even try a green quad now, or at least a quad with a hint of green in it (Neutral Khaki perhaps?!). This liner goes on smoothly and evenly, doesn't drag and the colours are bright and true. I got Set the Nude also, have yet to try it. But using this one has made me want to try the other colours in the set too.

Review by Pinki: I have these in three different colors , bought one for myself and two as gifts , ended up keeping them all for myself ( i know im baad :) ) but i love the packaging ! and the shadow parts (the lighter color) is good for shadow base , i just wish the liner side of this one was more green then black .. it looks green on the pencil but black swirls overcome the green when you apply it and looks more like black ..

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Avon Glimmersticks Diamonds - Sugar Plum

Review by angelchan: I love these!! Sugar plum is a reddish purple color with sparkles. I paired this with a simple taupe eye and it was an awesome 'every day' easy eye. Lasts all day without smudging or wearing off. Once you warm up the liner, it glides on smoothly. You can easily smudge these out with a brush before it sets.

Review by biomechmonster: I love glimmersticks eyeliners, no other eye liner will do for me. They go on so easily, I love the self sharpening, but I do prefer the regular glimmersticks over the diamond ones, the diamond ones are quite dry and don't go on as smoothly and you don't really really see any sparkle.

Review by jenss79: I sort of like this, its a dark plum eyeliner with purple/reddish glitter. It looks burgundy brown when applied rather than purple. It can actually pass for a dark brown. I am sort of dissapointed in the color but it stays for a long time, I only wear this liner when I wear fuschias or burgundy so it seems to pop in color, but not as great as Glimmersticks Diamonds Twinkle Sparkle (the blue shade).

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Rimmel Rimmel Exaggerate Full Color Eye Definer in 211 Sable

Review by Newme: This eyeliner is part of my "everyday" look, which includes Maybelline eyeshadow trio in Chocolate Mousse, Maybelline F'N'S mascara in black, Rimmel vinyl gloss in Snog and Neutrogena Skin Clearing Foundation in blushing Ivory. This eyeliner in sable is the PERFECT everyday liner to use during the day and even night! Emphasizes my hazel eyes. I am a fair skinned brunette. This is approx. 2.97 at walmart.

Review by aznbebebabe: This is my favourite brown eyeliner. I like the way it effortlessly glides along my lower lash line.

Review by mz654: PROS
*Good color payoff, rich brown
*Does not rub off easily
*Packaging is great (includes a sharpener and smudger)

*I will not be buying this again because I found out that Rimmel tests on animals, and I'm trying not to buy from makeup brands that do this.

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