what to look for when buying a eyeliner?3 easy to use eyeliner

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what to look for when buying a eyeliner?Let's see the 3 easy to use eyeliner !


Lancome Artliner - Blueberry

Review by guitarzan: I must admit, I really really like this eyeliner. Works great, easy to handle, and I can get a thin or thick line, depending on the look I am after. But it is quite expensive. I am happy with the color Blueberry, since blue is my fave colour and black tend to look too harsh on me. I top the eyeliner off with blue/violet mascara and blue shadow, cool effect. I am contemplating whether I will buy this again or in any of the other shades-- but it is the best liquid liner I've used so far!

Review by runtagua: I like this eyeliner for 2 main reasons. The first being the packaging and ease of application. I love love love the felt tip and find it easy to do interesting effects with it. I also rarely have to go over a line again because the liner missed it or was thin, great consistency. The second reason is the color, I love the color. It is an intense navy and is the perfect alternative to black for someone who thinks brown eyeliners look strange on them.

Review by Suzy_h: Yes, this is expensive. I paid 28 for this in Sephora. It is the best liquid eyeliner I've tried though. I recently purchased this, Nars Stylo, and Urban Decay's liquid eyeliner. This one has the best applicator by far. UD's handle was too short to control the line, and Nars Stylo liner was an extremely fine felt point that made it difficult to get one smooth line.
The product itself also beat out UD for me because it dried much faster and didn't come out as goopey. The Nars product wasn't bad but the felt applicator was such a hassle that I couldn't deal with it. The artliner applies like a dream, stays on all day, and the dark navy color is a great daytime alternative to black.
Overall, I would def repurchase the artliner. Just wish it was cheaper. I justify it by telling myself that I use eyeliner everyday so its worth the cost.

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Laura Mercier Caviar in Midnight

Review by cloud0204: would I buy this product again? FRIG YES!!! I was scoping through the LM and stuff and noticed that the rating on this was low. I have been using this for the past 3 years, I am a makeup artist and I will tell you that I think this is amazing. I can make it look smoky and a perfect pigment rich, cat's eye in one. And it lasts! I cannot explain what an ingenious product it is. I also have in the chestnut but I found the pigment in that isn't as rich. I am going to get the black one next. The midnight shade however is perfect if you want dark and defined but not too dark.

Review by Dimitra: The color is absolutely gorgeous, a very dark blue/black shade. However, I will not purchase this product again because it's very hard to use. I used it both wet and dry and just couldn't get any pigment/color for the life of me to line my lids. I even used 2 different brushes. I will stick to using Bobbi Brown shadows as my liner.

Review by shelby1123: Can't say I love this like I love the black. This doesn't smudge out to the smokey line that the black does, nor does this look like the deep navy/black i was hoping for. The color is too denim-blue when smudged, not black enough, and for 22 I'd expect a prettier, more sophisticated shade of navy. Lined it doesn't show up as a deep navy either. The staying power didn't compare to the black either. I will blend this color over some other liners to add a blue depth, but thats more just so I feel like the color isn't just sitting there unused. Not worth the purchase and certainly would not repurchase. Disappointed cause I love LM.

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Avon Color Trend Liquid Eyeliner Brights - all colours

Review by tambien: They are great!
They give a great colourful effect and they stay all day for me.
And like someone has already stated, at £3!? Could you really go wrong?

Review by cgosyne: I am an eyeshadow junkie! Despite what they say, your eyeshadow look is not complete without eyeliner. Enter: AVON Colortrends for top and bottom lids. I have bought this formula in Midnight Blue. As a professional makeup artist, I would only use this product if I knew a photo shoot would only last for an hour or two. The color runs! Nuff said. Its worth the price of .79 USD.The pigment and richness of the color is phenominal for the price. I just wouldn't buy it for any serious work, all day wear, or a night out.

Review by JT14: I got this for £1 in an Avon sale and it's really good. I have it in Electric Blue and its a lovely metallic medium blue colour. It's really long lasting and easy to apply. It didn't get 5 lippies though because it can go on quite uneven and requires you to go over it sometimes, but apart from that it's a great cheap liquid eyeliner :)

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