what to look for when buying a eye brow?3 best-selling eye brow

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By Tifanny

what to look for when buying a eye brow?Let's see the 3 best-selling eye brow !


Physicians Formula Wonder Brow

Review by Erin: This is the best thing since sliced bread. I have light brown sparse eyebrows. I like the fact that it goes on by touch, light touch for natural effect and hard touch for more dramatic effect (for evening wear) and looks very natural. I like the size of the nub too. Better than any pencil product.

Review by scrapdoll: I really like this product, but I think I bought the wrong color. I bought Dark Brown because CVS didn' t have Medium Brown, which I think would be a better match to my dyed medium auburn hair. Dark Brown is too dark, but I like how it filled in the sparse areas of my brows and kept the brow hair I do have in place. It lasts all day and doesn't fade or smudge. I just brush my brows in place very lightly with an eyebrow brush and I'm done. The only gripe I have is about the packaging. When I sharpened it and tried to wipe the shavings off the sharpener, it come apart from the cap. I will buy this again, but in Medium Brown next time.

Review by labelslut: I must be the ONLY one that doesn't like this stuff. I think it makes your eyebrows look drawn on and fake. I just don't like that look. I prefer the eye brow shadow by Maybelline. Not impressed to say the least. Will not repurchase.

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Cover Girl CG Smoothers Natural Lash & Brow

Review by joheinous: I love this brow gel! It's does a better job than MAC Brow Set in keeping my brows in place. AAANNDD IT'S CHEAPER!!! Won't go back to MAC Brow Set as long as this sucker is still on the market!

Review by ZoSo: I have been using this product for many years as a cheap way to groom/tame my brows and to give them some shape. For those purposes it does a very good job and for very little cost. However, I find that if you groom your brows with this product AFTER you powder your face, you will most likely end up with flakey brows at some point during the day. For that reason I groom my brows FIRST and then powder my face AFTER (making sure not to get powder on the brows). When I do it in that order, I don't get flaking. It does a good job for it's price so I give it a 4.

Review by wunverdoll: This is my #1 beauty product!!! My eyebrows are unruly little boogers! they are longer hairs, and becase of the way they lay, I can't trim them, cause then they will have spare spots on my face, so this works wonderfully! Like mentioned before, I also do my own brows, and peoepl say my eyeborws look professionally done, because this makes them looked so groomed and neat. A prob. that others have that i also have is the cloudiness, but i found that is becase i put it on AFTER my foundation, so that gets attached to the brush, so wiping ti off before you put it back ion teh tube makes it last MUCH longer!

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Styli-Style Brow Liner

Review by Lola_Bear: The best brow pencil out there! I had a bright idea to shave the tail of my brows off (not for me!), and the brow powder I used, kept rubbing off. I had to find something, and soon, because my fiancee and I were heading to a water park this summer! I picked this pencil up at Rite Aid, because I liked Styli-Style's other eyeliners, and I was impressed. All day at the water park and my brows still looked perfect! I have been using this pencil since June and have only had to repurchase one time. I will keep on buying this, even though my brows have grown back.

Review by munchlaxy: This is almost the brow product of my dreams -- it goes on easily with no tugging and lasts all day. The texture is not as dry as most brow pencils; instead it's a bit waxy which helps holds the shape. But the lightest shade they had, Taupe, looks too dark and grayish on my brows and for that I have to deduct a point.

Review by meeshmu: Of all the products in the Styli-Style line, I think the "Brow Liner" pencil is actually the best. It's waterproof, very pigmented, and stays on for a very longtime. It doesn't budge; even on hot days. It's suppose to be used on the brows, but I actually use it as an eyeliner for smokey sultry eyes. It's perfect for that. It's one of the best eye pencils from drugstore that I have used and comparable to Revlon ColorStay, but I actually think this is better. The color Espresso is actually a black/brown that is more black than brown. And the color Brown/Brun is a nice dark golden brown/ no red undertones, but more true golden taupe brown. Try it if you looking for highly pigmented eye pencil that is waterproof. It's great!

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