what to look for when buying a deodorant?3 best deodorant

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By Christina

what to look for when buying a deodorant?Let's see the 3 best deodorant !


Unlisted Brand Teen Spirit Sweet Strawberry deodorant

Review by KateN: I was a little hesitant to try this as this is geared towards the teenage crowd, and I'm 24. But I was shocked at how well it kept sweat at bay and it smelled like others commented below as a strawberry blow-pop. It is super-cheap, effective, and gentle for my underarms. I bought mine at Walmart and I couldn't be more pleased with such a product.

Review by Graceteix: MMMMM...this smells soooo good. Smells like strawberry Bubblicious gum. And it works well too! (on me anyways). Will def. repurchase!

Review by blacklittlepig: This is probably one of the nicest strawberry scents I have ever tried, though I guess it's kind of awkward that this great scent is a deodorant, but I am not complaining! I find this does it's job, and I have never found this product to disappoint me. My only complaint is on certain days I sweat alot, and I need something that will keep me dryer than this does. However, at least it still prevents me from having a sweaty smell. I probably won't repurchase this only because I am constantly trying new deodorants out.

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Nivea Pure Invisible 24 hr roll-on deodorant

Review by bossanovaville: WORST THING EVER! It leaves marks and it definitely doesn't stay on 24h. Packaging is made of glass (or something similar...it's kinda heavy) and it actually spilled all over my suitcase when I was on holiday. Well at least the suitcase smelled nicely.

Review by catlover9_9: I pretty much always wear black clothes and this one leaves absolutely no white marks, yay!
(No sweat marks either).
I usually also wear perfume, so the fact that this deo doesn't really smell much is ideal for me.
The packaging I like, simple, yet affective, like the product inside.

Review by rebec75: This overhyped product is nothing to write hom.e about.the scent interferes with my lotion,comes in a heavy glass bottle which could break on fallin,it doesn't dry my pits,the only pro is that it leaves no white marks on your dress.I will never buy again.

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Dove Original Deodorant - Stick

Review by DawnD: This is my HG deo. I love the solid texture rather than the roll-on liquids. I can get dressed straight away, it dosen't get all over my clothes and I find that it works really well, not wet patches or odor. I also like the subtle scent.
I'm like one of the other reviewers - have a small panic if I run out - as not all our local supermarkets stock it.

Review by runty: Meh it's a mediocre product. I used it in winter. It didn't have a very nice smell to it. Other Dove deodourants are better than this.

Review by dlbd2k06: I love the texture, like the subtle scent, but it doesn't keep me dry, so I am going to move on from this one...

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