what to look for when buying a cream foundation?3 best cream foundation

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By Christina

what to look for when buying a cream foundation?Let's see the 3 best cream foundation !


Milani Smooth Finish Makeup

Review by IiIy: I'm so glad to buy this cream to powder foundation. It gives a very sheer, matte, even tone look to my face. I apply it with a foundation brush because I find that the sponge might give me heavy/caky look. A little goes for long while. Coverage is buildable. For my pimple prone, reddish areas, I put on a concealer before putting on this foundation. It seems to work better that way. So far, I had it on for like 4-5 hours maximum, and saw that it still looked great at end. I look forward to see how many hours it will stay well on my face. I will definitely buy this again in future.

Review by clnfox: i have been experimenting with different foundations for a while now. this one is hands down the worst one that i have tried so far. OMG, the smell of this stuff is hard to take. it smells like hair grease.. and when i started to apply it..it felt like hair grease. the texture of it is thick and oily. it felt so icky and heavy on my face. i couldnt wait to wash this crap off! i only wore it for a short time but on my oily skin,i can only imagine what i would have looked like by the end of the day. this goes back to walgreens tomorrow...HATED IT!!

Review by aznbebebabe: Wow! This is a really great creme foundation. I am so impressed with it and considering the 6.99 price tag, it makes it even better! I would pay over 20 bucks for the stuff, I liked it so much. It has a great texture, it matched my skin perfectly and it covers really well. Just make sure your skin is hydrated because it does have a powdery feel to it. It's doesn't have the gunky creme feel, it really glides on light and powdery. I was really surprised.
It does have a pretty strong odor. It's not bad and you don't notice it after a few minutes but it does smell of perfume.
The packaging is nice but my lid doesn't close all that well, it kinda flaps open, but it might have just been the one I got,
It's also cruelty-free. I only buy makeup that is and it's nice to find something that good, that cheap AND that humane.
Great product!

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Rimmel Match Perfection Cream Gel

Review by jenss79: I really loved this foundation from the moment I put it on. The texture, the flawless effect, the smell.... everything was GREAT. But after 1 week of wearing it, I experienced the worst breakout I have ever had. I'm not sure exactly what it was in the product, but nothing in my skin care regimine changed but my foundation. I continued to wear it over the next two weeks, hoping my skin would adjust to the change. But things just kept getting worse. I've been pretty lucky with my skin, and haven't suffered with many problems. My skin isn't overly sensitive either, but this foundation threw my skin for a loop. I hate that I can't contine to wear this.It was great. Just don't have the skin for it:(

Review by cloud0204:
I puchased this product yesterday mainly because it came with a free mini foundation makeup brush.. and too be honest I really wasn't expecting much with this foundation due to my past experience with Rimmel products.. but I have to say.. It is absoutely amazinngggg!! GREAT coverage, evens skin tone very nicely without making your face look like one colour tone, application and blending is soo easy, I also notice it has a lovely cooling effect when you apply it as well and best of all it feels so light and looks so natural. I'd say the coverage is a light-medium but it very bulidable if desired. It can definately be doubled up as a concealer -- it covers my horrendous dark circles completely -- no other foundation OR concealer has been able to complete cover them! So happy. Will definately buy this again!

Review by Chloeclover: Ok, so I went and purchased this product today (After first checking this awesome site for reviews). I was AMAZED. I am a person who absolutely struggles with foundation. I have break out prone skin, which doesn't like a lot of makeup at all. AND I am VERY white!!!! This product went on beautifully. Nice cool sensation - and blended wonderfully! Colour was great - adapted to my white skin perfectly - with no visible jaw line color difference. I set with a very light layer of rimmel matte powder - and it has been great! I usually avoid drug store brands - as usually they are more of a hindrance than a help....but for no longer. I will buy this product again for sure!!!!

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Shiseido Sun Protection Stick Foundation SPF35

Review by Dimitra: Price: 22
Feature: Very Water-resistant, SPF35, PA++
There's 3 color choice, transparent, beige (pink tone) and orchard(yellow tone).
This is my HG foundation in the summer. My color is beige. It goes on super nature and the coverage is great. Get this: I shared my secret with a friend comment on my great skin. A few days later, she walks into the office with flawless skin and I was forgetful enough to ask her what she used! That's how good this thing is.

Review by lbarnold: A really good foundation stick that doubles as a sunscreen. I got the plain white colour and mainly bought it because I was looking for a face-specific sunscreen that wasn't heavy like regular suncream. I was not disappointed! This goes on light and doesn't irritate my skin at all. You only need a few swipes to cover your whole face and you can put it on heavier if you are worried about a few 'prone-to-burn' areas. Packaging is great because I don't have to get sunscreen EVERYWHERE, very convenient. Love it.

Review by nemomemo: This product gives GREAT coverage. It is a full coverage foundation...if you have any imperfections this will cover it up -without feeling heavy. I tried it on half my face and WOW! I couldn't believe the difference! I like to use it as a primer and use a very light foundation over it (since I am lighter than the beige). Wish they did make more colors though...a definite rebuy for me!

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