what to look for when buying a concealers?3 top concealers

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what to look for when buying a concealers?Let's see the 3 top concealers !


The Body Shop Everyday Concealer

Review by francesca39: I am very pleased with this product. It's very cheap, covers well and blends well with foundations. I use it on my nose (under makeup) to cover my pores and it does an excellent job

Review by fuxxy: I'm NC30 using Shade No.2. As soon as I apply it, dark circles under eyes disappear.
There is no trace of concealer at all.
I trust this concealer.

Review by marsqurine: this is one of the longest standing pieces of kit in my makeup bag. It has lasted forever and does a great job on blemishes (more a blemish concealer than undereye). It has a thick consistency and stays on well. My rec is to cover with powder after to give a clean finish. (And another plea for TBS to reduce thier prices) D.xx

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Physicians Formula Concealer Twins

Review by franjipany: I think this product is ok. however, I don't really feel it does a good enough job at what it's supposed to do.. If you have minor face discolorations (redness/etc) then this may work for you.. But if you're actually trying to cover up a blemish, I wouldn't really count on this product doing it alone. It covers it up a little.. but I don't think it's thick enough to do it completely. I will say it doesn't irritate my skin and the consistency isn't bad. (besides it not being thick enough) It doesn't smell bad. The packaging is clever and convenient. While it's not horrible, I personally wouldn't repurchase this because I need something that provides more coverage.

Review by gogoamy: I have the light one. With green on one end and a light ivory color on the other end. Does a good job covering my various acne/red spots. Can't even see them after I apply foundation, but w/o foundation you can see them. I'm happy with it:)

Review by shelby1123: I use the light concealer.
This is my first time using a green corrector/concealer so I have nothing else to compare it to. But I love it! I have blemish-prone skin and reddish cheeks, and this is great for covering it up and evening out skin tone.
I rarely use the green concealer followed by the light concealer. I normally put the green on all my problem areas, then put the light concealer under my eyes, then put foundation on and my skin looks fabulous. Can barely see any of the redness!
I like the consistency of the concealers - not too dry/cakey.
Not overly expensive, therefore I would buy this again.

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Garnier Anti-Dark-Circle Eye Roller

Review by didion0312: I absolutely loving it,it was first product I ever used from garnier,and I really started to trust this brand.This concealer is so smooth and silky it is never flakes or dries ,or making kind of wrinkles.I use it every day,sometimes I put it like a shadow primer.it is just looks so natural and not feels heavy.I roll the roller and then smooth concealer with my ring finger.

Review by bklyncowgirl: Pros:
- medium coverage for undereye circles (and the lids)
- no creasing or caking whatsoever
- lasts a long time
- perfect for days when you don't want to wear much makeup
- looks great paired with my benefit erase paste under it
- you only need a small amount if you have minor/moderate circles
- drying, but probably not a problem for most people
- can irritate sensitive skin/eyes
- I don't like the roller, because if you really ROLLED on the product around your eyes, you'd be using too much
- not many colours
Overall I am very happy with my purchase and glad Garnier got SOMETHING right! :)

Review by nemomemo: I kinda like this product although the product would many times get "stuck" and would not come out. After a vigorous shake, its fine.
Its amazing as it conceals my really dark circles. I abandon my Mac select coverup and now only uses this. Love the easy application, and the idea that it is treatment plus concealer, just roll all around my eyes and use damp sponge to blend it in. I'm not too sure whether it is sanitary as the roller might collect germs over time. Also I do not see any improvement to my dark circles but then nothing works so far.
But still I do kinda like this alot.

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