what to look for when buying a candles?3 recommended candles

By Vicky

what to look for when buying a candles?Let's see the 3 recommended candles !


Laughing Out Loud Mango Papaya

Review by auth: Out of the package this smelled like a pretty good mix of mango and papaya- just very fruity. But upon burning I detected a very dominant scent of real banana- not artificial banana either. Could be just the two mixing together created that scent, but I'm not complaining- I loved it anyway. A vibrant sweet fruity scent.

Review by meeshmu: This is a must-have! Soooo good! I never would've ordered this scent but I got it as a part of a grab bag. I LOVE it! It smells sugary sweet yet not too much so. I wish I could drink it! It lasted a long while too and the throw was fantastic!

Review by nechama22: More mango than papaya but still really great! I lit this in the bathroom and forgot about it- came back and was amazed by the beautiful/fruity smell!

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Yankee Candles Fresh Mint

Review by pinkiiish: I picked this up in tart form this weekend. This has to be one of YC's strongest tarts! Smells exactly like fresh mint leaves. I burned it downstairs and could smell it in the upstairs of my house too. A very clean and refreshing scent. Would repurchase.

Review by ooliedonna: I love all things mint. The smell instantly makes me feel more alert and revived. I got this in tart form, and it is really strong herbal mint. I always have to blow the candle out halfway through the 1st burn on a tart because of how strong they are though. (gives me a headache!) I like the reviewers idea below of burning this in the bathroom. It would be nice if you were sick too, not quite like Vicks, but refreshing nonetheless :)

Review by cweiss: Great candle to burn in the bathroom. It's strong, and IMO mint is just a strange scent to have in one's living room or bedroom. Wouldn't work for me in a kitchen really, so bathroom is where it goes. Sweet and fresh!

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Bath and Body Works Henri Bendel Home - Pomegranate

Review by betsyab: Is there anything better than a Bendel candle? This is one of my absolute favorites. It's fruity (citrus? cranberry? guava?), green (grass? leaves?), and herby (basil? lemon thyme?). I guess it's kinda hard to describe, but it fills up my house with a scent that's so delicious that I want to eat it. Pricey, but worth every penny.

Review by lorrainer07: A rich, juicy, red scent. This candle smells like a juicy, dripping, red fruit. Just as pomegranates have a tart twist to them, this candle does too. It's a complex, juicy, fruit scent. This is also a highly scented candle. I have the travel tin, and just that small tin is enough to scent most of my house. There's definitely a higher scent content here than in other candles. I even think the pomegranate is more strongly scented than other HB candles. Overall a yummy scent and a very effective candle.

Review by belle2216: Absolutely fabulous. I am not a fan of BBW in general but these Bendel candles are very impressive. Almost all the scents appealed to me. They are sophisticated and complex blends in high-quality, clean burning wax. I bought the Pomegranate travel candle but I want them all. This smells divine, tropical and fruity but a bit rich and creamy as well. I almost detect the smallest hint of banana too (maybe that's lychee?). Even my husband, who thinks any such purchase is completely stupid, said "Damn that smells good. We need one in every room." For him to say such a thing is unheard of. Woo-hoo--I think that means permission to buy more ; )

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