what to look for when buying a candles?3 effective candles

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By Fiora

what to look for when buying a candles?Let's see the 3 effective candles !


Tocca Candle in Stella

Review by London84: I bought Tocca Stella along with many other Tocca candles at a half off sale. I had never seen nor sniffed any of them.
That said, I can only say that I am not partial to the blood orange fragrance because this is my least favorite of the Tocca candles.
I must add, however; that I appreciate the craftsmanship of this item.
I have found all Tocca candles to be the most beautiful, the most natural and true candles I've ever experienced.
A Tocca candle is like a fine, classic perfume. There is no comparison between Tocca candles and inexpensive candles, which to me usually smell artificial, cloying and unappealing.
If you love the fragrance of blood orange, you'll love this candle. The throw is excellent, the burn is clean and the packaging is lovely.

Review by shopgirl087: I can't believe the positive reviews for this. I have a full size candle. It doesn't burn evenly. Even after burning it for more than 4 hours the first time, the wax hadn't pooled across the whole surface of the candle. As for the smell, I can't smell it at all except for a vague bathroom cleaner type smell when I stick my nose in the flame. On the plus side I like the opaque white glass holder and the blue and gold etched label is classy.

Review by marsqurine: I prefer the travel sizes of Tocca candles, and wish I had gone for that instead of the full size Stella. I bought it scent unsniffed, and this sweet orange scent is a bit cloying to me, and maybe even has a bit too much throw for my small apartment. For an orange scent, I think I'm going to stick to Red Flower's Italian Blood Orange.

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Yankee Candles Tart in Cinnamon

Review by beckibabe: This was an all-right scent, but it had no throw and I got sick of it quickly.

Review by GreeneyedGal: This one smells just like fresh cinnamon! Yum!

Review by Jessimau: I love this scent. Makes the place smell heavenly!

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L'Artisan Fragrances The et Pain D'Epices

Review by wunverdoll: A truly lovely scent - the candle version of Tea for Two. I bought the small candle for 14 Euro. Wow. That hurt. But with judicious burning this can last a long time. The candle does not give off much smoke, and the wick extinguishes quickly when you blow it out. Quality. Although, to be fair to another poster, I wouldn't recommend using it as a light source!

Review by spitfireseven: I have The et Pain D'Epices in the small 1.2oz candle, and I find it great for scenting a small space, like a bedroom. This is a perfect scent for autumn, as it smells spicy and warm, with hints of tea, honey, spice bread, and nutmeg. I found it to be quite good at throwing the scent, without it being to overwhelming and headache-inducing. I also like the cute glass jar with the L'Artisan mark on it. Pretty to display, and pretty to smell. It burns very cleanly and evenly, especially since it's small. I love this scent for fall and winter, and find it delightful in its warm spicy sweetness.

Review by oneofmylies99: Oh, how I wish I could afford to fill my home with these every autumn! I discovered this candle years ago and then was overjoyed to find Tea for Two is nearly identical. The candle has all the same qualities except the rubber bit that TfT has. It is warm and delicious and wonderful! Truely gourmand as opposed to just a foody or dessert scent.

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