what to look for when buying a bronzers?3 effective bronzers

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By Stella

what to look for when buying a bronzers?Let's see the 3 effective bronzers !


Jane Be Pure Mineral Bronzer

Review by funkybabe: I bought Copper Mountain because it looked like it could work as a gorgeous blush -- and it does! It's divided into four sections: a large square of a dark pink, a smaller square of highlighter, and two rectangular strips of dusty rose. It's very pigmented and the color really "pops" on my cheeks. With this, I look like I've been in the sun or I've been exercising. It's like a glow. On colder days with a gray overcast, I'll only use the bright pink section to brighten up my face. On sunnier days, I'll swipe my blush brush along the darker rose shades.

Review by coolRED: Oh wow! This is the best bronzer on the market. I have this in #40 Twilight Sands and it looks fantastic on my skin. I LOOOOVE the fact that it is not shimmery. I have been using a bronzer made by Ulta that has way too much glitter in it and it is really not flattering. So i was vvery happy when I found this and saw that it really does come off as a warm tan color (not orange at all) and contains no glitter or shimmer! Not to mention, I got it on clearance (and I am going back to stock up) so I only paid 2.50 for it!! Great purchase. So sad that this is apparently going away.

Review by Springncts: This seems like more of a multiuse blush rather than a bronzer. It two pinky blush shades, a bronzer, and a white highlighter. If I am in a rush I use the brown on my lids and apples of my cheeks, the light pink as blush, the white to highlight the inner corners of my eyes and cheeks, then the dark pink with balm as lipcolor. I love the opening bottom with a huge mirror and room for some brushes. It's great for the price.

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Kevyn Aucoin The Sculpting Powder

Review by lmharte: This contouring powder works pretty well, but I don't think I'll be purchasing it again. I think I have enough to last a while until I can try a new brand! It contours well and creates nice shadows where you want them, but it's very subtle and I feel like when I use as much as I need to create the contour, it becomes muddy by the end of the day. I think this product would be ideal for people with already prominent contour lines to enhance them because it is a fairly light product. It's a good product, but I won't be spending another 43 on it!

Review by mashafromrussia: I have been searching for the perfect powder to contour for YEARS. I had used all kinds of bronzers and even a BE shading powder that wasn't too bad. I went to Sephora for a little retail therapy and there it was! No shimmer or sparkle. Very sheer. Looks totally natural on my NW 20 skin. I just did the hollows of my cheeks and it too about 4 seconds. This is definitely my HG sculpting powder!

Review by betsyab: It is hard to find the right product for shading as many beauty brands simply use darker shades of foundation for that purpose. When I was first informed about this product, I just knew I had to have it in my make up collection. The results? Perfect subtle brown colour and not the orangy brown that I have experience with Chanel, MAC, Shiseido, smashbox! After using this product, I can finally appreciate the use of shading to enhance my contours and be a little more photogenic in school photographs!LOL!

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Smashbox Soft Lights - Soft Hue - 03

Review by tetrakis: From sephora: "These jumbo pots of silk-like powder add soft color and/or shimmer to the face and body." Soft Hue is the most beautiful and believable bronzing powder I've ever encountered. It's a completely matte, soft and silky caramel shade with zero orange/grey undertones. The perfect shade to add a natural sun-kissed glow to pale skins.

Review by Capprii: This bronzer looked very pretty in the package in the store, and I loved how it looked when I tried it on. However, to my horror, it did not last for long on my skin. I do not have oily skin and always used a base moisturizer, and was so surprised when I looked in the mirror less than an hour after applying this bronzer, to see that I had no color whatsoever left on my face. It's a good brand, and a pretty color, but it my experience does not last long at all, even if you are sitting idly. Consider yourself warned beauty girl.

Review by cgosyne: I have been using this bronzer for as long as I can remember....I found it in a kit from QVC when Bill Parks used to do the show before Holly. I think I have used this at least for 7 years and I'm only on my 2nd compact! It is an amazing tan brown color, no shimmer, no orange tones at all. It is called a Soft Light and that is whaat it gives....a soft light of bronze color. I wear this year round and will recommend it for years to come! I am a Stila 30 watts, MAC NC20 skintone.

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