what to look for when buying a body skin care?3 best-selling body skin cares

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By Vicky

what to look for when buying a body skin care?Let's see the 3 best-selling body skin cares !


Weleda Calendula Baby oil

Review by clnfox: My daughter has been using this product since she was born. She's now 2. It's great for infant massage and soothing sensitive skin. Plus the smell is amazing. It comes in a glass bottle though and isn't great for travel. Since it's an oil, it's also messy, so best for use at home.

Review by Viognier: Love it! After a shower its the best keeps skin nice and soft, clear, fresh. You need a lot to cover your body so it isn't cheap after a while. But I buy it when I can

Review by suze9_8: My sensitive skin loves this product, but the first day I had it, I dropped it in the shower and the whole lid came off, wasting 1/2 the bottle! Otherwise, it is perfect - absorbed quickly, subtle smell that is undetectable later. My skin loves it, and I have been running a bit through the ends of my hair, too. x

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Unlisted Brand Homemade Tendskin

Review by Olive143: Thanks for the great recipe girls!
I had a terrible ingrown that looked almost like a cyst and I was using gigi bump rx and it did nothing. But after 2 days of using the homeade stuff it has shrunk 3/4 of the way. Dont waste money on anything else, this is all you need!

Review by nemomemo: Hi.
I've bought aspirin and alcohol but I can't find witch hazel. I've searched in drugstores and all, but they only have combinations of products with witch hazel.
How does look witch hazel? Does it look like water or like shower gel/liquid soap?
When I wax a get LOTS of red bumps and I can't get rid of them, so I REALLY wanted to try the homemade tendskin. Can you please help me?
P.S: My english is quite bad, I'm portuguese.

Review by biomechmonster: I think it does a good job of keeping inflammation at bay...and thus in-growns too. However, I need to emphasize that it dries out your skin so you should moisturize generously after using it. (For instance, I still got shallow in-growns on my leg because my skin was so dried out and tightened by the alcohol that the hair couldn't break through.But a good lathering of lotion corrects that.)

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Unlisted Brand Trader Joe's Lavender Body Oil

Review by psychoexgirlfriend: I can't say I really care for this due to the addition of PEG-8 to the product. On the Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Data Base they say the following about PEG-8: "Violation of industry recommendations - Restricted in cosmetics; use, concentration, or manufacturing restrictions - Not safe for use on injured or damaged skin." As regards cancer concerns they say "One or more animal studies show tumor formation at moderate doses," and on effects on the endocrine system they say "One or more animal studies show endocrine system disruption at high doses" To me this is all a big UGH.
I really prefer the Lavender Massage Oil from Wellspring Trading which has only pure avocado oil and lavender essential oil in it.

Review by diachu21: The ingredients in this are pure and nourishing. It's a superb oil blend that is a steal at this price. I use it as a massage oil for the most part. It spreads over the skin beautifully and aides in the perfect massage. Lavender is an aphrodisiac for men and I find that to be very true for the man in my life. For woman it relaxes the mind and body. This oil has a strong pure lavender scent which is very herbal smelling as opposed to floral. I absolutely adore TJ's body products and this is no exception. I will keep buying it as long as they make it.

Review by joheinous: Not a fan. I was expecting this to basically be the same oil they put in the TJs lavender salt scrub that I love, but it definitely isn't. In addition to PEG-8, it also has alcohol--and I think that detracts from its moisturizing abilities. The alcohol also makes it smell unpleasant--more like chemicals than like the scrub. So despite my really wanting to like it, this product was pretty much a let down.

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