what to look for when buying a body lotion?3 top body lotions

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what to look for when buying a body lotion?Let's see the 3 top body lotions !


Santa Maria Novella Pasta di Mandorle

Review by mulhollanddrive: Love it love it love it!!!! The almond scent is light and pure. The cream is rich and smooth. The color is brown (blech...my only complaint but such a tiny one as this stuff is worth it's weight in gold!!!). If only it were easier to obtain!!!

Review by navarre: I love this. I tried translating the instructions and could have sworn they said to run water over the hands after applying the paste, and then drying them. Hmmm. Not having any confidence at all in my ability to decipher product copy in another language, I just use this like I would any other hand cream. A little goes a long way. It works wonders on ragged cuticles. Magic brown stuff.

Review by taskeeng: Having received a sample of this magical cream, I am completely hooked. In just a few days, I can see the difference in the brightness and texture of my hands. The idea of using it under something more moisturizing seems to be a good one, and the smell is not its attraction, although the benefits of this cream are many. A little goes a long way, and am happy to have discovered it. I plan to purchase some in the near future.

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Borghese Tono Body Creme

Review by Farra: I got a big jar of this in a kit some time ago and really enjoyed it. It is rich but not greasy. It's got a pleasant smell. You don't need much of this for a good effect, so the jar lasted me a very long time. I miss it! Wouldn't want to pay its individual price, but as a part of a kit, it was great.

Review by kit_kat68: I love to use this one my dry legs and arms. ( I am the weird type- oily face but dry body). Anyways, I don't like the smell but it doen't bug me. This is a really good moisturizer coz it isn't sticky or oily and it sinks right into the skin. Excellent choice for the dry winter months. Would repurchase.

Review by franjipany: Very easy to spread. Very pliable and rich. Sinks right in and moisturizes like mad. Light fragrance and in spite of its thickness it absorbs very well.

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Bath and Body Works Peony

Review by KateN: I recently found this in my mother's stash of bath and body products so I took it. When I first smelled it out of the bottle, it smelled horrible to me! But I decided to try some out on my hands. So I put it on my hands and I still didn't like it. A couple hours later I smelled my hand and noticed that it smelled good. So I kept the lotion. Like it says on the bottle, a classic floral scent.I took off a lippie, though, because the consistency seemed a lot thinner and watery than the other BBW lotions.

Review by AokiJ: This is my HG BBW scent. Peonies are my favorite flower and when I wear this it makes me think of being in an English Garden. This smells like a very classic ladylike scent to me. I'd probably die if the ever discontinued this... or have to buy up as much as I can. The lotion is standard lotion and if it wasn't for the scent I wouldn't buy it at 9 bucks a pop.

Review by andij: Not for me at all. Smells too much like roses. The smell does have a lot of staying power when layered with the lotion and body wash. Just not for me. I like warm and fruity smells better!

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