what to look for when buying a body lotion?3 top body lotion

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what to look for when buying a body lotion?Let's see the 3 top body lotion !


The Body Shop Vanilla Spice Body Butter

Review by nechama22: This smells to much like cinnamon, its very strong and sometimes gives me a headache. After it dies down it has an ok cinnamon/vanilla smell. Although it has the same exact ingrediants as the Soy Body Butter, the soy butter moisturizes better. This one is kinda greasy. I will finish the tub but i wont re-purchase again.

Review by tippygirl: I used this butter non-stop while visiting my boyfriend's family for Thanksgiving last year and now I can't smell it without thinking of that trip! The scent is perfect for the holiday season, warm and spicy and lingers nicely. I wouldn't slather myself in this scent though b/c it is a bit strong. But when applied to hands, it's just right.

Review by pinktulip: Mmmmm....the smell is amazing! It is a light mixture of cinnamon and vanilla, and glides on smoothly, leaving skin hydrated. I love this smell, since it is so warm, and the quality of the butter itself is very moisturizing.

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Jaqua Girls Pink Buttercream Frosting Hand Creme

Review by bklyncowgirl: I'm on my second tube of this, and it's my favorite hand cream ever. The scent is wonderful, the most perfect buttercream fragrance. Super moisturizing, and a little goes a long way. (Which is important considering it's 8 for 2 oz) It does seem like it would be greasy when first applied, but just give it a minute... it sinks right in and leaves my hands silky smooth. Definite repurchase! Jaqua recently came out with a new scent in the hand creme that I can't wait to try too... Mint Chocolate.

Review by i_darling: I own the Pink Buttercream's counterpart - the Sinfully Rich Body Butter, and I'd have to say I am really disappointed with this product in comparison to that one. This has the same luscious buttercream fragrance and the same texture/moisturizing capabilities - but what differs between these two products is that the horrid chemical-y drydown is really faint in that one, and really pronounced in this stuff. I mean, the chemical smell was almost immedicate after I applied this to my hands. The disgusting chemical smell reminded me of something else, and then it hit me.... my hands suddenly went from smelling like yummy frosting to smelling like..... whiskey? Blech. I'm surprised only one other reviewer has complained about this.

Review by Susie31: I love this hand cream. The small tube is the perfect size to fit into a purse or bag. The bottle is also cute with a brown design. The lotion isn't too thick or greasy, but it also isn't light and worthless like so many hand lotions. The smell is fantastic - smells just like rich buttercream frosting. I find that the scent does last for a couple of hours after use.

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Nature's Gate Pomegranate Sunflower Skin Defense Lotion

Review by kimberpoo: Too rich for my skin. Firstly I don't tend to use an all over body lotion, just my arms and lower legs. I don't have particularly dry skin. I found this remained greasy no matter how little I applied. I loved the price, the packaging and the ingredients list but it just didn't work for me. I would also have preferred much less fragrance. In the end I mixed it with equal amounts aloe vera gel so I could use it up.

Review by lorraine07: I LUUUUUVVVVVVV this body lotion! It is just super for my very dry aging skin! I love the fact that is has TONS of antioxidants, and it paraben-free! I had used Nature's Gate Papaya lotion for years before switching to other brands as my skin got a lot drier. But, recently while shopping around for a brand that would offer some natural sun protection, nearly all of Nature's Gate products contain coffee bean which is *slight* sun filter, I came across this lotion. Anyway, this lotion is SO moisturizing and yummy. It's very emollient when it goes on then dries to a non-greasy, non-oily feel! I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend it! Thank you Nature's Gate for this wonderful lotion. More expensive than bargain brands but worth it!

Review by amystar: LOVE THIS!!!! I am NOT one of those girls who "bathes" in lotion. This is a lotion that I only apply to my dry hands before bed and occasionally on my legs after shaving. I just adore the smell, the fact that it's alcohol-free, contains no artificial colors and is "produced without animal testing and with no animal byproducts". I picked this up for around 8 at my local health food store. This works just fine for me and absorbs into my skin nicely less than 5 minutes after applying. I love the bottle, smell, price and most importantly the PRODUCT. I'm halfway through my bottle and will absolutely repurchase again and again. LOVE this stuff! :)

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