what to look for when buying a body lotion?3 recommended body lotions

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By Monica

what to look for when buying a body lotion?Let's see the 3 recommended body lotions !


Stila Creme Bouquet Body Mousse

Review by IiIy: It is a bit like Johnson's Baby shampoo (as another reviewer noted about the Creme Bouquet fragrance)but nicer-- with a blend of vanilla and a light floral. I don't normally go for floral scents in fragrance, but this is lovely. The price is outrageous, but it's rich enough that a little goes a long way. After wearing this a while, I started to find the scent annoying and artificial. The vanilla and the floral don't mix well here. 10/05-
UPDATE again. :) Ok, ya know, this really is very nice for autumn. The initial scent is weird, but it quickly dries down into a nice soft, edibly sweet one.

Review by bekkbekk1985: This stuff feels and smells amazing. It doesn't smell quite the same as the creme bouquet perfume, however, I think it smells a little better. (Unlike a lot of the people around here, though, I do like and wear creme bouquet.) I love the way this smells. I think it is definitely a little pricey, probably way more than what it's worth, but I still love it. The packaging is adorable.

Review by Keva: Retails for 40, this cream is a outrageous in terms of the price, and the pot is small!!! But it is cute and I agree that the quality of the cream is very nice. Somewhat reminds me of a richer version of Origins Body souffle (little wonder since both are owned by the same co.) The scent is mostly vanilla/caramel/other sweet edible cookie-like scent for lack of a better description. Definitely a must for those who like Creme Bouquet as the scent is actually more tolerable than the cloying sweet of the real fragrance. But I'm glad that I receive this as a gift since I don't think I'll purchase it on my own.

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Alba Botanica Original Body Lotion

Review by jenss79: My favorite lotion! I mostly use it on my face and neck before going to bed, and also during the day under my makeup. It leaves my face looking fresh, dewy and smoother than usual without the sticky or coated feeling of most lotions and creams. If I'm still loving it when my big 32 ounce bottle is finished, I'll definitely repurchase.

Review by DawnD:
I found the Alba Botanica very emollient body lotion in Ross for 9.99 for a 32 oz bottle. I bought one bottle, but once I started using it, I went back bought all the bottles. I use it right out of the shower. I like the fact that it has no scent so it doesn't clash with my perfume. I have seen it in Whole Food market and in some health food stores. This size bottle has a pump that gives out a generous amount. I live in Florida with constant air conditioning that tends to dry skin. I have tried all price products, and this really works great!

Review by oneofmylies99: This lotion is absolutely wonderful, I have tried so many others and this is my first real HG, and a constant repurchase. I don't know what I would do without it! I bought the large bottle with the pump which is really a great value. Everything about it is just perfect, it is just the right amount of moisture for my normal skin. It sinks in so easily and doesn't feel greasy. It also has a wonderful scent, but it's very light and subtle. I really look forward to using this lotion every day, along with the jasmine moisture cream, it's my favorite alba product and a good introduction to the alba line. check it out at whole foods or your local drugstore!

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Neutrogena Body Lotion

Review by fuxxy: This is my fav body lotion. I keep the big pump bottle in my bathroom. It absorbs quickly and the scent is very mild. It is very light and not greasy at all. A staple for me.

Review by rebec75: i like how as soon as i put this on my skin, it feels like it's drinking this up. very quenching! plus, it's lightweight and has a pretty scent to it. since it's not strong enough to rival my perfumes i don't mind in the slightest. it moisturizes pretty well too :)

Review by shelby1123: I got the body lotion in the "light sesame formula"...I like the smell and it does a great job of softening the skin. It has sesame oil in the lotion...the only drawback is that it takes a while for it to all soak in so you feel kind of greasy for awhile.

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