what to look for when buying a body lotion?3 recommended body lotion reviews

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By Marcella

what to look for when buying a body lotion?Let's see the 3 recommended body lotion reviews!


Soap and Glory Peachy Cream Big Butter

Review by cloud0204: what a wonderful moisturizing butter! i love absolutely anything peachy.. the color, the smell! so i haddd to get this. turned out to be even better than i thought. it feels so smooth the moment you put it on... the texture is just, heavenly! so fruity and girly.. i can imagine this being wonderful for the spring.
also.. not to mention the packaging is absolutely adorable!!!

Review by fitnessa: nice feel, more of a gel feel i think compared to other butters but the scent is sooooo sickly i couldnt use it based on that alone- ruins any other perfume u put on as it is sooo over powering so forget about layering!!!!!

Review by dlbd2k06: Hey Girls: I like this scent. It's very smooth. easy to absorb
and worthy!
4 point for smooth, easy to blend, worthy, fluffly and good scent.

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Nivea Restorative Night Hand Creme

Review by jlinh2u: I liked the scent of this lotion, but it didn't moisturize my hands well enough to buy it again. It was okay, but nothing I noticed working wonders on my hands, even after applying it faithfully every night for a month. It's not very thick, more of a lotion than a cream to me, but it does absorb quickly and the flip-top is convenient to close when your hands are slippery after applying it.
Could be, like another reviewer noted, it's just not strong enough to work against the New England winter. I need something that's going to moisturize the heck out of my hands in the winter, and this doesn't.

Review by shimmering: This is my favorite hand creme. Nothing makes my hands look as smooth as this product does. I actually use this stuff during the day, also, not just at night. The price is great, as well.

Review by Jennybear: I'd give this a 4.5 if I could. A great hand cream. I initially scoffed at the idea of a "night" hand cream, but I have to say that I do get optimum results when I use this at night. I wake up with noticeably softer and smoother hands (and feet) after a night application of this. It's great during the day too, absorbs quickly and moisturizes well. I don't know why I can't give this a full 5 lippies, probably because there are other drugstore hand creams (notably Eucerin's) that I absolutely LOVE AND that are much longer lasting than this one. I'm impressed with this but can't say it has as much of a "wow" factor as Eucerin's. The fragrance is reminiscent of Noxzema but it's nice (sometimes initially a bit much during the day but it sinks in). Overall, this is great for night or day. Nivea makes wonderful drugstore skin products. :)

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MMU Cosmetics Guardian Angel Body Balm

Review by laurilauri: I love this product so much! I got a scent combo of Amber, Clove and Ginger Mousse. It smells divine! Warm and spicy. The cream itself is wonderful! I couldn't stop putting it on! Sinks right in, and makes my normal skin so incredibly soft! I will get this in the bigger size next time, and will be ordering all my MMU products in this scent combo from now on!

Review by isabellet: A great, light lotion! I was a little disappointed in the texture at first (I thought it would be light and airy and whipped - if felt just like regular lotion) but it feels SO good on! Takes a couple of minutes to absorb, but it is a great everyday moisturizer. I put it on int he morning and evenings.

Review by roxiblue: I got the GA Body Balm in *Caramel Fudge Crunch Cake*, which whilst smells delicious at first, dries down to give a really synthetic and unappealing (IMO) scent. I didn't feel the texture of the body balm was particularly special, just that it was slightly thicker than my TBB parfait. I might probably try again but in a diff scent this time. While CS was fast, shipping took forever! That said, I'm still impressed with MMU's wide range of yummy sounding scents..

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