what to look for when buying a body lotion?3 good body lotions reviews

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what to look for when buying a body lotion?Let's see the 3 good body lotions reviews!


Herbacin Glycerine Hand Cream

Review by Leelee57: I am using this cream for 2 years all winter and my skin was very dry and cracked and painful but this cream takes care of it , absorbs very well , no greasy filling .

Review by almighty_curv: I love this product. It's a little sticky when first applies but absorbed easily. It keeps my hand so soft and nice scent. I become a fan of this hand cream.

Review by runty: Works fine. Mainly, I like the scent.

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Dove Cool Moisture body lotion

Review by Jennybear: I was a tad bit disappointed with this product. I love their body wash and face lotion and expected this lotion to be up to par. First off, this lotion is very light and a little runny. The lotion was a little too light for my dry skin. My skin soaked this up within seconds and was still thirsty...hehe. This might be better for those with skin that isn't dry.

Review by betsyab: This body lotion smells clean and nice, and absorbs very quickly, so I keep it on my nightstand to use on my hands, legs and feet before bed. I can get pretty lazy with moisturizing because it can be such a chore, but this is a pleasure to use.
It was on clearance at Walgreens, and I had a coupon, so I thought, what the heck. It was a big bottle, and I've got only a couple inches left. I'm not used to spending so much for a bottle of lotion (the regular price is 8.99), but this is worth it, even without the coupon.

Review by lipstik: I have liked most Dove products that I have used, and most of my bathroom is littered with Dove bottles of skincare and haircare. The only brand of soap I use is Dove. So I now have lotion to add to this list lol.
I bought this lotion because I had been in search of something new after a sticky experience with Lubriderm, which was, too sticky. I find it a bit expensive for the amount you get and that put me off buying it (what if I didn't like, I don't want to waste CAD8), but I went for it anyway. I so glad I did. The same scent as the Cool Moisture shower gel, and the texture is like another poster said, a bit of a gel-like creamy type of thing. It sinks in very fast, and leaves skin with a smooth, silky feel. Really good to put on before bed. I fully recommend this for mild dry skin, and even a bit drier than that. Doesn't sting freshly shaved skin either.

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Clarins Eau Dynamisante Moisturising Body Lotion

Review by mielr: I travel a lot to work in extremely hot and humid countries and this product is perfect - a body lotion and a beautiful, light, fresh, summery probably unisex perfume. The perfume has real lasting power and the moisturiser is good for such a light lotion. It sinks in almost immediately. I buy a bottle of this (plastic - another plus for travel) every time I go overseas - no need to take a separate body lotion, no need to take a separate perfume.

Review by kerroppifreak: This lotion smells just like the fragrance. I always layer this with the spray and the smell lasts a lot longer. Its not a rich moisturiser but as I use it in summer mostly who wants to use a heavy moisturiser. Smells wonderful and nothing compares to the freshness. Always asked what it is Im wearing.

Review by misswillow: I bought this lotion this afternoon and applied it after my shower this evening and OMG it's perfect. It moisturizes my skin nicely and smells so heavenly. The bottle is cute too !! I don't have the spray yet as I want to determine the lasting power of the lotion first. It smells so refreshing and pretty. My husband loves it !! I want to buy the matching shower gel and deodorant tomorrow :)

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