what to look for when buying a body gel?3 popular body gel

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By Monica

what to look for when buying a body gel?Let's see the 3 popular body gel !


Korres Fig Shower Gel

Review by aznbebebabe: I bought this on vacation at Marshall's for dirt cheap. I love this body wash! it leaves my skin balanced and smooth. The smell has notes of sandalwood and just relaxes me.
A Little goes a long way with this product.

Review by shimmering: I really like korres shower gels, and this one is also great. I think that the fig scent is pretty true and also quite strong, the scent really lingers in my bathroom. however I LOVE the mint tea shower gel, and prefer it to the fig.

Review by mriaow: Smells like coco nut and is of red colour - doesn't dry out my skin even though it contains sodium laureath sulfate. I like using it if I want to wake up in the morning because its smell reminds me of summer and vacation time.

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Bath and Body Works temptations 3 in 1 in Wickedly Hot Chocolate

Review by Erin: This stinks as a bubble bath, it just sat in the bottom of the tub and the bubbles only lasted for about 3 minutes. I really liked it as a body wash and also as a hair conditioner. My hair is really fine and doesn't tangle much. I also need all the volume I can get, so I just use this on my ends. It lathers up nicely and smells amazing! It really does smell like hot chocolate with a little whipped cream on top! Love!

Review by island_honey: I was sort of excited about trying this since I love chocolate and got it for free while buying some hand-soap, but it seems that the idea of chocolate scented products in nicer in theory than practice. I don't like this. It's really sweet and just too-fudgy. I took a bath using this, and it made me totally nuseaus. The smell also lingered, ugh. The bottle also claims that this contains hazelnut liquor and whipped cream notes, but I couldn't detect any of them. I love using BBW 3-in-1's for shaving so I'll use it up, but as far as using this as a shower gel or bubble bath--no thanks. PS. I was at TJ Maxx today and I saw some nice chocolate products (Chocolate Vanilla and Dark Chocolate) from Perlier. Chocolate Vanilla one was really nice and smells better and a bit softer than BBW version.

Review by Graceteix: Well forgive me for saying this but this was wicked to my "whoo-whoo". I mean I love the smell, It's amzing, truly lasts and lingers on the skin (unlike philosophy) and when you take a shower the WHOLE apt will smell like this stuff! To me thats some incredible aromatherapy. Now here comes the bad parts: It's not as thick/concentrated as the others and does not lather so well. It's so dark and has alot of dye that it stains your shower. It also burns and stings my "private parts". I think once again thats because of the strong dye. I usually never have a problem with skin irritation but this burned the hell out of my "whoo-whoo" (sorry ladies but I had to warn ya). Due to this serious discomfort I will not repurchase this scent if it ever came back but I LOVE all the others and will always buy them. Try spicy gingerbread and cinnimon buns!

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Yardley English Lavender Soap

Review by cweiss: This bar soap is creamy, lathers well, and smells pretty. It is somewhat drying to the skin, but I use it in the guest bath and it stands up very well (i.e. doesn't disintegrate or melt down in water).

Review by GonnaBeARockStar:
It's all about whether the "Made in England" Yardley smells better than the Yardley English Lavender bar soap made in the U.S. Both in fact, are honest-to-goodness fresh smells, each smelling strongly of real Lavender. The English soaps are flatter; the ones made here are rounded on top.

Both lather up well and (unlike Dove soap), do NOT end up a round piece of mush when it gets wet. They rinse cleanly away and are not too drying.

There's a matching liquid hand soap for the powder room, both in regular and anti-bacterial formulations. This is a quality everyday soap
that can be found everywhere. Sometimes I see them at the dollar store in packs of three. Unbeatable value!

Review by pinkiiish: Overall, an inexpensive well-rounded soap. It is gentle enough to use on the face, yet tough enough to use on dirty hands. Will repurchase. It didn't break out my sensitive face.

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