what to look for when buying a body gel?3 effective body gels

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By Stella

what to look for when buying a body gel?Let's see the 3 effective body gels !


Philosophy Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream 3-in1

Review by Vaniessa: This smells sooo nice, I love the minty chocolate smell first thing in the morning and it does a good job of cleansing my body without drying out my skin. Its lasting for ages too. Can't wait to try some of the others in this range now!!

Review by jlinh2u: Nothing stellar about this product. Very gimmicky with it's 3-in-1 advertising technique. Yes, it smells WONDERFUL. But here's what I don't love: it makes my skin a bit red and itchy, just like Senorita Margarita. The formulation apparently has something in it my skin does not like. My advice? Use it if your skin isn't sensitive and you are a fan of strong, luscious scents. Philosophy is genius scent-wise. If they were really thinking, they'd cut the alcohol and coloring agents in it, change the packaging so it still is colorful and attractive. And add moisturizers or emoillents or something. This would help immensely.

Review by AutumnBliss: I absolutely love Philosophy shower gels. Of course my beloved Cinnamon Buns is still my favourite but this one is still great. It lathers up so well and smells so good..exactly like mint chocolate chip ice cream! You also get a pretty nice amount of product. You should definitely pick this up.

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The Body Shop Satsuma Shower Gel

Review by blacklittlepig: I used to love this gel, but I now have an awkward association with this fragrance. In college, my boyfriend roomed with a guy who ate nothing but Easy Mac and Rice Krispies, didn't change his sheets, and somehow smelled worse after a shower. This fragrance could mask that smell. That is notable. Nothing could mask his odor, but this citrusy gel could.

Review by Ellz: Buy this. It smells delicious. I fell in love with it the moment I smelled it in the store.

Review by bastet: This is a strongly scented product but I love it! It smells like you could eat it, delicious!

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Thierry Mugler Celestial Showers

Review by Viognier: I keep on getting told how great I smell by my family when I hop out of the shower with this. Not only do I smell good but the house smells good for hours. The only thing I didn't like was that it didn't sud up a whole lot, but with the scent, I can't care about that!

Review by Chloeclover: I'm in love. . .this is an amazing shower cream! It's so wonderful and creamy and makes for a great mood lifter. This is the perfect alternative for a day you want something lighter than Angel EDP. Definately worth the splurge!

Review by JettNY: This is a very pretty super pale gold pearlescent bodywash that is very nice and thick, and I love the smell. However, I think it is too highly scented for my sensitive skin so it went up for swap, but overall a very nice product that I wouldn't actually repurchase for me, but I would definitely purchase it as a gift for someone with less sensitive skin.

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