what to look for when buying a body gel?3 best body gels

By Tifanny

what to look for when buying a body gel?Let's see the 3 best body gels !


Philosophy guru (inspiring shampoo, bath and shower gel)

Review by Alexis: The other reviewers have said it perfectly, this smells just like orage sherbert! Almost good enough to eat! :o ) It lathers up nicely and keeps my skin nice and soft after I step out of the shower. I don't like it so much as a shampoo but I love it as a shower gel. I'm in love with the Philosophy Shower Gels and this one is no exception!! :o )

Review by sleepyone: Mmm, here I go again with the Philosophy shower gels!! I can't get enough of these products. I love Guru, it has that orange creamsicle scent to it, with a bit of a vanilla undertone, IMO. It's great creamy texture is wonderful especially if you are in a hurry and can't put on a moisturizer right after your shower!! It isn't that bad in my hair either, it leaves it with just enough moisture where I can use my leave in conditioner right after and my scalp feels fine. I don't know about inspirational, but it is a great shower gel!

Review by kat_25: I love this as a body wash. I smells great!!

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Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Body Bar

Review by kimmie578: Wonderful soap. My mom encouraged me to use this for facial acne spots, but unfortunately it has little to no effect on my face. However, it does control anything that surfaces on my back/shoulders. Leaves my bathroom smelling minty fresh and is a great pick-me-up during a morning shower.

Review by DawnD: I also use the Generic version from sally's like the other reviewer and it is amazing! Smells wonderful, clears my skin and keeps it clear(Nothing my whole life has worked!!!), and i got a huge bar for only 1.50 on sale at Sally's, regualary 2.50. DEFINETLY HOLY GRAIL!!!!!!!!

Review by joheinous: Wakes you up in the morning. I love that this soap has a unique and unexpected scent. It's really refreshing. My only caveat is tht I will use on my body only. I used this on my face once and it gave me a horrible rash. :( Great cleanser for the body, though.

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Olay Ohm jasmine and rose soap

Review by lipstik: I would NEVER buy this soap again. My hubby and I normally use Zest, but I wanted something more fragranced so I purchased this. After a few days of using this, I noticed my husband had a rash across his cheeks and forehead. I had also developed acne on my back which I haven't had to deal with since I was 16! This is the only new soap/shampoo/shower product we had been using so it MUST be the culprit.

Review by miss_mac: Some mornings my nose just couldn't take it. I would use it if I was getting ready for a night out.

Review by Elixir: I love this soap! Smells wonderful moisturizes and great price. I can't ask for more! I will repurchase. Only thing it's hard to find lately! I hope it isn't getting discontinued!

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