what to look for when buying a body gel?3 best body gel

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By Stella

what to look for when buying a body gel?Let's see the 3 best body gel !


Dove Cream Oil Shower

Review by glossgal_01: This review is for the Dove Cream Oil Body Wash in the Creamy formula, Cherry Blossom and Almond scent. I positively love this stuff. The lather is like nothing I've ever used before; thick and rich from start to finish. Really, you hardly need to use any at all. It's the very first body wash I've used which doesn't leave me dry. I don't even need to use lotion when I get out of the shower. It works as a shaving cream too. And it smells divine in the shower but doesn't cling to you after you get out. What more could you ask for. I will buy this again and again. I don't understand why so many reviewers can't get this stuff to lather. A little in my puff and I have suds galore. I don't care about the petroleum and sulfates - this has been a godsend.

Review by island_honey: My shower HG! In winter = so moisturizing, my skin drinks it in. In summer = still fabulous and not too oily like I was concerned it would be. I have used all the fragrances and I love each and every one!!! I can even skip my body moisturizer in the summer occasionally w/ this stuff! Saves me time - what's not to like??

Review by maribebe: Boring bottle, but was only £1 in boots so i thought why not as so many shower gels dry out my skin i thought i would give this a try. But, its greasy, heavy, leaves a film on my skin, and i dont exactly feel fresh getting out of the shower. When will i learn that jo malone shower gels are truely amazing and i should never stray!!! ve had taxi drivers tell me how fresh and good i smell when i rush out of the shower and into a cab straight after using the jo malone gels, they are sooo fresh and light. I wont stray again- even if something is only a £1!

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Jergens Skin Firming Body Wash

Review by laurilauri: Great stuff. I've been using this for about two years. Great cleanser without drying and it lasts forever. I don't know about the "firming" but it does seem to help my skin texture.

Review by DawnD: This was my favorite body wash but I cannot find it in my local stores anymore. What happened to it? I didn't notice that it really made my skin any firmer, but it did make me feel clean and smooth. I just wish my local stores would sell it again.

Review by tippygirl: I didn't really notice and firming in my skin. It was decent shower gel that got me clean. =D I definitely love the price. I had the one with seaweed extract which had an okay smell. I know it took me a couple of uses to get used to it but after that it was fine. Not something that smells like softsoap so if you wanted something along those lines this is probably not for you.

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LUSH Sandstone soap

Review by belladoggie00: the exfoliating bit is good, i have no bumps anywhere but i'm not sure if thats due to my new loofah or the soap. i don't think you're meant to use the exfoliator everyday, thats why its such a small layer.
EDIT: having used this product a few more times, i've grown to like it, the citrus smell has really come through and it has helped the tone of my skin too.

Review by GreeneyedGal: I love it. It's the best soap to wake up my feet from hibernation. When I take a footbath I leave it in hot water for 15 minutes while waiting for the water to cool and after soaking my feet for another 15 minutes I use my Sandstone soap bar to get red of dry patches and calluses. Because of the warmth the sand and soap form a nice lather that feelss sooo nice on my feet. In combination with my trusty volcanic foam my feet are now ready to rise and shine for the spring to come.
The lemon smell is another plus of this soap bar. It puts me in the right mood for spring.

Review by navarre: I received a sample of Sandstone in my Lush UK order, and I'm really glad they threw it in! It isn't something I would have ever considered buying for myself, but I really liked it and ordered the full size. To be clear, though, my Sandstone doesn't really look like the picture at all. (I'll try to add a picture similar to mine.) I don't know if it is a Lush UK thing or what, but my sand is all mixed into the soap itself, so I don't have a problem with the sandbar washing away or the pure sand being TOO exfoliating. It is the perfect gentle exfoliator for me and leaves my skin incredibly soft and moisturized. The lemony scent is very strong - some people may not like it - but it wakes me up in the morning so it works. Overall, I really like this soap!

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