what to look for when buying a body gel?3 best body gel reviews

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By Elena

what to look for when buying a body gel?Let's see the 3 best body gel reviews!


Roger & Gallet Roger & Gallet - Gardeners Range

Review by abrilio: I lived in France for 18 years and Roger Gallet soaps definitely make me take a trip down memory lane!
I use different soaps from this brand, but I really like the Gardener's range. The scents are fresh, without being obstrusive. I normally use fresher scents during the summer only, but I find that these are great to use year round. They are soft and lather very well. The huge bars last for a very long time too.
I will definitely repurchase during one of my trips back to France- the prices are very good there.

Review by AutumnBliss: I bought several of the grape seed extract scent at Monoprix in Paris for 4 euros each and I definitely like the Gardeners Range better than the moisturizing Gels Douch Doux Nature. The Gardners Range scents seem more fresh and seem the scent stays on the body longer than the other line.
Also, the Gardeners Range is moisturizing and doesn't leave the skin feeling tight. You would not have to wear parfum or cologne if you use this bath gel. It's a great buy if you get it in Europe over the U.S. Nordstrom's and Pure Beauty charge 12 per bottle!

Review by miss_mac: Why am I having such a hard time picking up a great big bar of my beloved lettuce soap? Is it off the market? I keep finding the guest soaps, but i used to be able to find the big bars with ease! Help! Send me a message if you know where I can get it!
: (
That said, I ADORE this soap, and have for many years. It's gentle, non-drying, slightly moisturizing, and the smell is divine! There is no better smell to me than walking into a bathroom that is housing a bar of this soap. I suppose lettuce wasn't the greatest sales pitch for them, because what does lettuce smell like? This is more like a scent of cucumber, a tad of avocado, and the sweetness of a fresh spring day. }}}}}sigh{{{{{

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Philosophy Melon Daiquiri 3-in-1

Review by Lyssa2676: I love the smell of this product, it smell like cantaloupe. It's highly fragranced but once I get out of the shower I can't smell it on me anymore. It's a pretty color and you do get alot for your money. I only wish the fragrance would last a little longer.

Review by Vaniessa: The scent definitely reminds me of the summertime. Just taking a whiff of it paints a huge picture in my mind. I wouldn't recommend it as a shampoo though because it really dried out my hair... and if I used conditioner after I used it as a shampoo, the smell would be gone from my hair anyway... So this is only good as a shower gel.

Review by cweiss: I love their 3 in 1 products. This one isn't as good as their cinnamin buns, but it's a great fresh scent. It doens't quite smell like melon daiquiri- I don't detect that much melon. It's a fruity alternative that doesn't smell too synthetic (like some of their other fruity 3 in 1's). Overall, a good product- I use it as both a body wash and a shampoo, but I'm not 100% crazy about the scent. I'm sure there are better ones out there.

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Caress Exotic Oil Infusions Moroccan Cream Oil Body Wash

Review by Viognier: omg, the scent of this wash is to die for...I looove it..want a lotion in this scent..it is intoxicating...will def repurchase...rinses clean too.

Review by DawnD: Love this stuff. I buy the purple container. It's super moisturizing (very thich consistency), luxurious and smells great. relatively cheap for the large amount.

Review by aznbebebabe: I was not pleased with this. I read many good review and thoght I should check it out at the store. The smell is waaaay too strong and made me feel sick afterwards, not good.

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