what to look for when buying a blush?3 top blushs compare

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By Sara

what to look for when buying a blush?Let's see the 3 top blushs compare!


NYX Rouge Cream Blush- Rose Petale

Review by CancerianPrincess: Rose Petal is an exact dupe for MAC's "Lilicent" blush Creme ..i own both and seriously, even down to the packaging, these are identical. I definitely recommend purchasing NYX Rougue Cream blush- in my experience, all shades have proven to be beautiful, blendable, natural, and long wearing.

Review by nemomemo: I rec'd this as an RAOK but I would buy a second if need be. The compact is exactly the same size as MAC blush and you need very little so it's very generous as the poster below says. The color itself is such a natural flush and it's great worn sheer or built a little. I use a foundation brush to apply as I'm an idiot with creme blush and the brush makes it foolproof. Love this shade would buy another and will check out other shades.

Review by aguskl: I was quite surprised by the quality of this cream blush. It's a pretty, wearable bright pink on my NC15-20 skin. It's very creamy and very, very pigmented, i literally need to just touch it with my finger and that's all I need for one cheek. The lasting power isn't too great but still decent. it lasts a few hours i think, although it'll stay longer if I set it with a powder blush. It hasn't broken out my normal-dry sensitive skin, which I'm very happy with. It cost around 15AUD(australian), not cheap, but that's with most cosmetics here. I use this on my lips and blot with tissue as a lip stain although that's not its purpose (too creamy to use as lipstick) to give it a bit of colour. It'll take me years to finish this but it's good enough to repurchase.
Oh, the packaging is similar to MAC cream blushes, contains a lot of product.

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Physicians Formula Pearls of Perfection Blush - Blushing Nude

Review by jlinh2u: way too shimmery for my taste, but i hate when you go outside and can see sparkles on your face so...also, the container is annoying. the lid is kinda loose fitting and the tiny balls fall out easily if you drop it. very annoying. and when i did drop it, luckily, they all stayed inside, but instead some of the beads just crushed and got all powdery. annnnnoyyyyyinnngggg. i won't be buying again, even though it seems like it is being discontinued.

Review by fuxxy: This is a good blush for everyday use. Nothing special, but definitly good. It gives a healthy looking shimmery-glow, with a hint of color. I love the pearls, how it isnt just one color. This blush is definitly NATRUL, so if you are looking for something dramatic, this isnt for you. It is pretty expensive though.

Review by almighty_curv: I will buy this product again. I loved it, it is not too "unnatural" on my skin, I have a honey skin tone. It STAYS on, I put it on and patted it with a tissue to see if it would budge, but there was NOTHING on the tissue. My only complaint is that I wish that it came with a blush brush and I have a hard time getting the pearls to give off enough powder to show up on my face.

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Tarte Tarte Cheek Stain in Tickled

Review by vengland: Sticky and shiny. Origins cheek gel or Mac or Benetint are much better. This Tarte settles into even the tiniest of pores. If you use the gels before your foundation you don't have much blending time so I use them after foundation is applied and sometimes blend with a foundation brush specifically used for gels. If you use your fingers, use shaving cream to remove the stains on them.

Review by ckgurl714: Wow! I love these things! Tickled is my second cheek stain from tarte...and it certainly did not disappoint. On my pale skin it gives just the right amount of color! Smells nice and blends easily! Will certainly rebuy!

Review by pinktulip: I'll take my MAC See Thru Cheek Colour any day over this. The color was fabulous, but I found it very hard to blend and irritatingly sticky and a lot of color at once. I prefer a thinner gel or a cream blush that I can build color.

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