what to look for when buying a blush?3 popular blushs reviews

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By Tifanny

what to look for when buying a blush?Let's see the 3 popular blushs reviews!


NARS St. Barts Multiple

Review by sleepyone: This is perfect! I am addicted now and need all multiples! The multiple is a cream to powder finish stick product that is not oily at all, like the MAC cream color bases. St. Barts makes the perfect non-fake looking tan I have ever had on my face, no orange at all and not overly shimmery either (I am a LLL). Love, Love, Love!
Update: Did give it 5 lippies at first but had to remove 2 b/c it started smelling funny after awhile like it went bad.

Review by nemomemo: i've wanted this for so long....but when i finally got it...i found that it was too dark. i can't really use it as a highlighter....not even for a blush. the only way i can use this is if i were to use it for contour...and for the cost that i paid for it...that would just be a waste. i'm sure this would be a great bronzer...since it's not orange at all. but i don't really use bronzers...i'm fairly proud of my light skin stila 10watt. i'm very comfortable w/ my pale color and believe i look better this way. so i'm not even going to use this as a bronzer. very expensive too. cost me 35! the color is like a coppery, brown. just didn't work for me except for contouring. and for 35...that would just be a waste to keep it soley for that. but i have to give it 3 points for it's consistency. it's easy to blend and not sticky at all. will definately try another color...

Review by nishie: I hate to rain the parade, but sorry....looked like dirt on my face. And this comes from a HUGE Nars fan, I like almost anything from them, but this...YUK ! swapped this away.

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Illamasqua Unrequited powder blush

Review by dlbd2k06: For reference, I am NC15, fair olive with cool undertones (yes that's a strange mix but that exists).
Very cool pink blushes like Illamasqua Katie don't look good on me but Unrequited is just a bit darker and warmer than Katie is so it works perfectly for my skin tone.
Like all Illamasqua powder blushes, it's matte, not chalky at all and very easy to blend, it has a light vanilla scent (that I love) and the same black packaging with transparent lid. I wish they'd put a mirror in this but well...
I also love to layer this blush with Lover, which is a peach, but of course it's lovely on its own.
I definitely recommend it, it's one of my 2 favorite Illamasqua blushes (with Lover) and a staple for me!

Review by OutofControl: So this is actually my first Illamasqua blush. I was intending to buy 'Katie' at first but after actually swatching it I wasn't too sure that the shade would do much for my skintone. I went for 'Unrequited' instead which is a more vibrant shade of Pink, but not too OTT! I would recommend going in carefully on first application, I under-estimated just how pigmented it is. Once blended with a peachy blush (I used MAC 'Highland Honey') it was fine, but next time I'll be sure to use a little less on the brush. On my skin the colour is a very true pink, its not bordering on a red as i've found with some shades previously. I was impressed with the silky texture of the blush and how easy it was to blend. I will definitely be picking up some other Illamasqua blushes in a variety of shades now! :)

Review by didion0312: This is my first Illamasqua blush and I love it! It's a light pink, but warm toned. It is not an atrocious, blue toned, electric pink blush like some lighter pinks out there. It is also very pigmented. You don't need much on your brush! I've also found that this lasts a long time. It lasts pretty much all day and doesn't fade by lunchtime like cheaper blushes I've used. I'm really loving this blush and I can't wait to buy more from the brand!

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L'Oreal True Match Superblendable Blush in Innocent Flush

Review by dxgirly: Wow, this shade is so pretty! It's a matte version of the Charmed Peach blush (Feel Naturale). It's also less chalky and finer milled. I love it. It's a very natural looking peach that doesn't have any brown in it so it doesn't make me look dirty. It also isn't' orange like other peaches that I've tried. It's intended for those with N3-4 skintones, but I'm a W4 (Natural Beige) in True Match foundation and it's the best shade for my skin tone. The W3-4 blush was way too dark and too orange for me. This one is wonderful, though!

Review by Jennybear: I decided to give this a try because it is now at The Dollar Tree. I picked up this color and barely blushing, but I really prefer this one. At first I thought it would be too light for my light olive skin, but it's GORGEOUS! It gives you a "lit from within" glow and a nice flush. It's everything I wanted Benefit's Thrrrob to be and more. I actually tossed the Benefit because it barely shows up. This is almost matte with a slight sheen. Just a healthy, peachy color that blends so well and lasts all day.

Review by coolRED: This is my all-time favorite blush! I was hesitant to try it because it's expensive for a drugstore brand (about 9) but I've found my shade and brand for life. Innocent Flush is a gorgeous pinky peach shade that resembles a natural flush. It's great for winter for the wind-blown look and I'm sure it will look pretty under the summer sun too. The pink and peach are very well-balanced. I have light to medium olive skin and I should be wearing a warm shade in this line but Innocent Flush is so natural and it really is superblendable. I highly recommend this product and the shade. It's basically fool-proof and looks good on anybody!

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