what to look for when buying a blush?3 easy to use blushs

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By Helen

what to look for when buying a blush?Let's see the 3 easy to use blushs !


Calvin Klein Cheek Color Wash in Radiant

Review by bossanovaville: Really pretty colour!

Review by julie9536: This is a blush for those who dont wear little to no makeup. My cosmetic regimen consists of moisturizer, sunscreen and eyeliner but I was curious to give blush a try. I was looking for something very natural, that would look like a flush after a workout or just after waking up.
This is a creamy compact. The box it came with says to use your fingers but i was afraid of applying too much so I use a blush brush you would use with a powder blush. I find this works well in terms of colour distribution and layering. It has amazing lasting power and shows very well even on bare skin.
I'm very disappointed to discover that this line has been discontinued after i searched for online retailers who sell it. I have not been able to find more of the same to stock, unfortunately.

Review by island_honey: I doubt it'd ever run out because I use my blush quite sparingly, and haven't even made any dent in CCW just yet.
This is a deeper blush shade towards the brown side, looks really dark in the pan, apply with your finger tips, you can see that it's fairly shimmery, but only applied on to the cheek, the shimmer disappears and leave you with a natural glow.
I use this just below my cheekbone to give my face more dimension, I'm MAC NC25/30. I find it works best if applied under foundation or blush, so the brown doesn't stand out as much and it just looks like I got naturally high cheekbones :)

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Too Faced Blush Bouquet - Tuberose Crush

Review by Newme: Hmmm....this is stuff is just so-so in my opinion. Its kinda hard to apply (after smearing the stick on your cheek you really have to blend it well or you can see the line the blush stick made) and takes up a lot more time then a regular powder blush would. I probably will continue using it every once and a while, but it is not something I will repurchase. And since you can get similar results with a Roxy Sun Kiss Stick, I would rather spend my money on that.

Review by kimberpoo: This was put on me at a make-over by TooFaced at Nordstroms. The fragrance is very strong...but I Love how it smells. It's simply lovley. just like flowers. The color is as if I just came in from the snow. Takes some blending but overall, it's worth it.

Review by fitnessa: This is my all time HG blush. *sighh* It's such a beautiful glowy cool pink.... it smells delish, and the texture is beautiful, makes me look so glowy. It is so hard to find true cool pink blushes- I can't hardly wear neutrals or warms, they all end up being pink-peach - as with too faced new flushed blushed pretty in pink products - definitely peach instead of pink. This has been discontinued, please too faced, bring it back!

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Everyday Minerals Flannel PJ's

Review by tambien: I got this and Opening Day as free full size giveaways with a purchase not long ago. When I first looked at them I was less than impressed. Took me a few days to actually try them since my initial thought was it wasn't for me. When I did try them I liked Opening Day but not Flannel PJ's. I tried PJ's again a little while later and loved it! I don't know what it was about the first time I'd tried it as to the second but I now really like it. Maybe bc to me it looks like a better fall/winter shade than spring/summer.
BTW, mine didn't look anything like the picture shown on this page. Mine looks a lot more mauve/plumb with light shimmer. Overall, I'm pleased with it. I'm Golden-Light in EDM foundation if that helps anyone. Probably best to try it in a sample size first if you're not sure.

Review by dontblink15: Nice shade for the fall/winter. Especially with dark nails and muted earth colors for clothes. Very dark blush, use sparingly, I have medium fair skin and barely touch my cheeks and they end up blushed.... Has a little bit of sheen, mauve with hints of purple.... But very interesting.

Review by blacklittlepig: I got this as a freebie with one of my orders and wasn't that impressed when I swtached it on my hand. However I pulled it out yesterday and applied it lightly and WOW. So natural! A beautiful dusty pink flush, very natural looking. Don't underestimate this!

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