what to look for when buying a blush?3 best blushs reviews

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By Helen

what to look for when buying a blush?Let's see the 3 best blushs reviews!


Lancome Magique Blush in Pink Parfait

Review by sjcsmall: Wonderful blush, a really magic formula. The mousse in very easy to apply with the fingers and it looks absurdly natural and glowy. I am a NW20 and bought this shade and Sweetheart, which I am still going to use (and review). I have normal to combo skin and it doesn't break me out. I feellike buying at least two more shades. Besides, the packaging is so sweet! The little pot looks very glamourous.

Review by edie4711: I LOVE this blush! I use Lancome Magique subtle blush in the winter on my NW20 skin, and then this in the summer. When I have a little tan (I wear sunscreen faithfully, but some color still happens), Pink Parfait is perfect! It blends easily, looks like a real flush, and stays on my oily skin. I usually have to reapply once during the day, but that happens with every blush I use. It also doesn't make me break out. I love blushes, and have many. This is perfect for a natural look all summer - Summer HG!

Review by YolandaMC: My new favorite blush. Beautiful, silky, supremely blendable texture.
I particularly like this color, a very natural, warm pink.
Really lovely.

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MAC Cubic

Review by CherryBlossom03: I firmly believe Cubic is a quintessential "natural/neutral" blush in every fair-medium skinned girl's blush collection. It's a muted pink with a bit of brown tint which may work as a bronzer/blush/contour depending on how and where you choose to apply it. It is classified as a Satin because it gives a little bit of sheen, but honestly, the sheen isn't all that apparent. The colour applies sheer, which is positive note for those such as myself who find blending difficult and are heavy handed. Cubic is the perfect neutral/natural blush!

Review by bklyncowgirl: I am NW20 and look best in cooler tones, but I wanted something "natural" - not too pink, not too brown. The MAC SA tried on two shades and her opinion was Cubic was the blush for me. She was absolutely right! This is a brownish-pink. It is cool enough to look good with my coloring but warm enough to help counteract the redness in my cheeks. It's just wonderful! I took off one point because the texture is a bit powdery and I have to make sure to blend well to get it to mesh with my skin; otherwise, it can look like it's sitting atop the skin. Definite repurchase, I've been searching for a color like this for a long time!

Review by auth: A pinky plum matte blush, perfect paired with a green eyeshadow on a PPP. I really don't think Mac makes a blush that can't be worn if worked properly.

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Stila Convertible Color Lillium

Review by ckgurl714: I LOVE THIS STUFF!! I was watching a local program and they had a mac makeup person on and they were showing a cream blush. So I went to ulta to find one and I tried this and I loved it right away. so did my friend that came with me, we both bought it despite the expensive price. a little bit goes a long way. Dont like it for the lip gloss part but i do wipe the excess off my finger on my eyelids if i dont use shadow.
and as a bonus, my husband keeps telling me i look pretty:)

Review by joheinous: I had my makeup done at the Stila event. The makeup artist recommended this for me. It is so pretty! A warm pink.

Review by JettNY: This is lovely. A creamy, cool, milky pink with just a touch of brown/peach to neutralize it. Gives a lovely healthy pink flush to the cheeks and applies like a dream. Not greasy at all. I love it on the lips too for a prettier, pinkish take on the concealer lip look, especially with a gloss over top.

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