what to look for when buying a beauty tools?3 top beauty tools

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By Elena

what to look for when buying a beauty tools?Let's see the 3 top beauty tools !


Bare Escentuals Well-Cared For Brush Conditioning Shampoo

Review by OutofControl: This is a great product overall, I recommend it!
A lot of people forget how important it is to clean the brushes out. They harbor bacteria, and pick up your face oils wich oxidize over time turning your foundation an orangy tone as long as they are dirty. Also, a dirty brush doesn't allow an even application on your face.
The issues with un clean brushes are endless. I wash mine once every 2-3 weeks, and I really should more often!!!
I've read a lot about people using baby shampoo and olive oil/tea tree oil to clean them. I haven't tried this, but I plan on doing so once my BE shampoo runs out. I would purchase the shampoo again, however if I can save 10 by buying the other stuf...I could live without it.

Review by ooliedonna: This product does a good job of keeping your brushes clean. It is about the consistency of shampoo you would use on your. I just wet my brushes with warm water put the product on gently massage it in and then wash it off. This product leaves my brush clean and after they dry are softer. Another plus is that a little goes a long way. So almost a year after purchasing this I still have not finished the bottle.

Review by fuxxy: This did not seem to clean my brushes as well as using a mild soap or shampoo. I have the MAC 197 and 188 and the white parts look discolored afterward which make me feel they did not get clean. I got this in a starter kit which was a gift. I would not purchase it on my own. Mild soap works better and is cheaper.

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NYX Pencil Sharpener

Review by bekkbekk1985: A previous reviewer (Carey Piper?) is right - this is exactly the same sharpener as Urban Decay's Grindhouse, just in slightly different packaging, obviously. But if you look at the markings on the blade and also compare the entire "housing", right down to the little cleaning tool, you will see this is exactly the same sharpener.
I have Grindhouse and it's a fantastic sharpener - none better. But I recently bought a UD 24/7 shadow pencil for a friend and forgot to get her a sharpener to go with it. Not wanting to face a long drive to Sephora, I picked this up for her....and I picked up one for me too, which is how I know this is exactly the same in design and quality as my Grindhouse and for a few bucks less!

Review by taskeeng: When I bought this pencil sharpener at Ulta a week or so ago, I complained to myself about the price. "For 6.50 this better be the only sharpener I'll ever need." And it is. The blades are top quality. They dont shred or fray the wood, nor does it break the tips off the pencils. In fact, I was so excited about this sharpener, the night I got it I sharpened all my pencils, and raved about it to my mum, boyfriend, and on tumblr. The blades and packaging are very high quality and I love the addition of a pick to help clean it out. The only issue I've had so far is that my Sephora Nano pencils are too large to fit in the smaller barrel, but I can overlook such a small flaw on a wonderful product.

Review by marsqurine: Best Sharpener I've ever had! Bought it specifically for my jumbo pencils but also has a small pencil hole for regular pencils. It has a plastic cover so the shavings are securely kept until you dispose of them. Totally saves me from having to sharpen in the palm of my hand and fall all over the floor! Sharpens jumbo pencils perfectly and it's super cheap! The best part is mine came with a little plastic pick so you can remove some of the product from the blade instead of trying to use your fingers. Both blades are very sharp! I said yes to repurchasing because if this ever breaks, or I lose it I'll be getting this one again. Everyone needs this Sharpener!!

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Avon Skin-So-Soft Shaving Crea,

Review by aml1: I never buy shaving cream. I always just use my shower gel and have had no problems. I came across this through a friend and I have to say, it's quite impressive. Very thick, rich foam. Never any cuts, washes off so easily. The scent is amazing. Reminds me of my favorite perfume. I only hesitate to give this a 5 b/c ovbiously being an independent brand, Avon is a little hard to come across around here unless I go online.

Review by JT14: WOW!!!!!! You absolutely have to get this one. Forget Gillette and other drugstore brands of shaving cream and get this one. First, the smell of this shaving foam is wonderful and does not smell chemical at all, which I dislike about drugstore brands who pretend to smell like roses or fruits.The smell of this one is incredibly freh and sweet... But what I like the most is it's amazing texture...It doesn'T come out of the bottle as a gel for a second, and as you rub it becomes a foam...It comes out immediately as whipping cream ( seriously it has the exact same texture as whipping cream), which goes on sooooo smoothly on your skin it is a pleasure in itself.. Plus, it leaves your skin super soft AND is so cheap ( between 3 and 6 CND depending on specials going on at Avon). A definite must!

Review by Pinki: I love SSS shaving cream. I have been using it for years. The foam is rich, thick and smells good. Doesn't goo up my razor like other drugstore brands. When my husband ran out of his shaving cream I put SSS shaving cream in it's place and he's lovin it. Says it's the best he's ever used. Gives him a real smooth close shave.

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