what to look for in sunscreen?3 top sunscreen

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what to look for in sunscreen?Let's see the 3 top sunscreen !


Skinceuticals Ultimate UV Defense Sport SPF 45

Review by suze9_8: I wanted a zinc oxide sunblock, since I've heard that chemical sunblocks must be reapplied every two hours since the chemical loses its potency. Anyways, this is a fantastic sunblock - it's pretty thick and creamy, but it sinks in relatively quickly and doesn't 'ball' up when I apply makeup. Actually, it's nicely moisturizing for my dry skin. It's expensive, but I think this is HG material!

Review by hersheyb: Awful! I used it for two days and each day my skin was red and sunburned! I also got a rash on my neck.

Review by jamelia: This ss is the best (in price and performance) when it comes to photo-protection. My doctor gave a me tube right after TCA treatment in 2001 and I became an admirer since. Also good after laser treatment. I find that my face does not tan with this on even in direct sun exposure. And because it is sweat resistant, it is very very friendly to my face- with t-zone that sweat like a horse.

There is another brand that is comparable to this one - the SPF 40 from Sisley. Well except the Sisley one is way overpriced and it gives me acne.

The whitecast from this ss is absorbed quickly into nothingness but since this is rather thick and rich, it's not for everyday use. I also find that anything you put on top of this ss just glides off. Funny but even cream concealer does.

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La Roche Posay Hydraphase UV SPF 30

Review by runtagua: Hmmmm. I am kind of ambivalent on this one. I bought it because it has Mexoryl and is supposed to be a daily lotion (rather than a heavy sunscreen cream). The texture is nice during application; it's like a runny lotion, but on my face it is quite shiny and almost sticky. It takes a while to absorb. I tried using mineral powder foundation (Bare Escentuals) over this and it's quite disastrous - the stickiness of the lotion combined with the powder was just gross. I will probably continue to wear it as often as I can stand it, just because of the SPF, but I have to say I don't like the way it makes my skin look. It is by no means a holy grail product, just a decent lotion with mexoryl.

Review by drusilladru: I love this moisturizer! It has the perfect texture, nice scent and spf 30. I have somewhat dry skin and still break out a little. No breakouts with this. Makes my skin look glowy. It's perfect!

Review by meeshmu: adequate sunscreen and moisturizing, what else can I ask for? It is lightweight without too much white cast to the face and I personally am not bothered by the scent at all. have already ordered my 2nd bottle. will be a keeper

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Neova Ti-Silk Sheer spf 45

Review by kitten75: Doesn't sting like Neutro Dry-Touch did on me and love the feel, NOT sticky. A little pricey but it should last several months.

Review by moth: I liked the idea of not having to layer sunscreen over moisrurizer as I do with regular sunscreens (even Z-silc, my current favorite) during the winter months. Tried this as it is supposed to be more moisturizing (I think) than the Z-silc and has a higher SPF. I also liked that it had a slight tint and thought I might be able to get away without makeup. While it didn't irriate my skin or break me out, it didn't absorb very well either. The tint is really quite sheer and didn't smooth over the redness and small flaws as I had hoped. I prefer the Z-silc as it has a semi-matte finish that works well under makeup and seems more soothing.

Review by liselise1: I like how it's tinted so you don't have the white cast when you put it on. My dermotologist recommends mixing it with moisturizer and putting it on in the morning. The only that disappoints me is that it doesn't have any zinc oxide in it.

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