what to look for in shampoo?3 easy to use shampoo

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By Elena

what to look for in shampoo?Let's see the 3 easy to use shampoo !


Pureology Scalp Cure Anti-dandruff

Review by kit_kat68: The best I've ever used. Killed my flakes. KILLED THEM. I don't even use it every day now. I tried everything too. I wish they didn't use a plastic container because I'm trying to opt for environmentally friendly packaging like aluminum or glass.

Review by abrilio: I have been using head and shoulders for years, but my dandruff kept coming back, I finally tried this one and it worked great! It's been 2 months and no flakes.

Review by bossanovaville: I started using this a few weeks ago for some minor flakes and itching and after the 3rd use, I didn't have any flakes or itching, worked wonders!! I also color my hair very dark and didn't want this shampoo to strip my color but it didn't at all and my hair felt soft and smooth. It is very expensive for a shampoo, I paid 40 but if you are self-concious about the flakes, this will help and you won't even care

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EO Essential Shampoo- French Lavender

Review by taskeeng: Love this stuff! The smell is amazing, but not overpowering. I find myself smelling my own hair from time to time now! Would definitely recommend it to anyone I know.

Review by zhenya: One of my absolute staples. Wonderful line of products. The lavender smells divine and my hair loves the formula. The lavender conditioner is just as good. Great ingredients - all top of the line aromatherapy goodies - at a very decent price.

Review by kimmie578: I love this shampoo. i use it with the conditioner and it makes my hair the softest it has ever been. the smell might seem too strong in the bottle but its not at all on your hair.

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Phyto Phytoneutre Shampoo

Review by Erin: Surprised I haven't reviewed this yet - I've used it for 12 years or more - that should tell you. It is excellent, cleans hair without stripping it, natural ingredients, natural eucalyptussy scent which does not linger after you've washed your hair. My hair is between waist and hip long (so up to a metre long), and I wash every 3rd or 4th day, I do not use blowdryers or any other implements of destruction on my hair - just this shampoo and a jojoba-based oil which I blend myself for a bit of conditioning and shine after i comb out my hair. I've had hairdressers tell me, whatever your'e doing don't stop - my hair is in mint condition, thanks largely to this stuff. Occasionally I've tried other things, but usually after a week or two I go back to this. Nothing else so good as this.

Review by quantumkitten: For reference, I have thick hair that is very oily at the roots/scalp and dry at the ends. I use this once or twice a week to de-gunk my scalp. It does the job well, cleansing my scalp without stripping my hair. The packing is a tube, which is a heck lot more user-friendly than the screw-top bottles some Phyto products come in. Love it!

Review by auth: When I first started on the Phyto line, this was prescribed to me. This shampoo is what is going to remove all of those gross residues and polymers left on your hair and scalp from bad products. It has a great eucalyptus smell too, lots of essential oils in there.
Its nice because its a tube instead of most of their shampoos which are in hazardous glass bottles. I use this about once a week and after about a month I see a huge improvment in the movement and feel of my hair. And its cheaper than the other shampoos in the line.

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