what to look for in pressed powder?3 good pressed powder

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By Christina

what to look for in pressed powder?Let's see the 3 good pressed powder !


Marcelle Pressed Powder Translucent Medium

Review by Lola_Bear: The absolute most perfect powder for me. The colour is an exact match. The package is a square silver container, with a square puff inside. In the mornings I use the puff to pat on quite a bit and then I spread it around evenly with a big brush. I use the puff for touch ups later in the day but I'm finding I hardly even need any touch ups. My skin is usually very oily but has been getting a little less oily lately. This powder does not clump up when mixed with the oil on my face. I paid 12.25 for it and I will definitely be sticking with this one. It is my HG of pressed powder. I just might try their loose powder too. LOVE!

Review by Suzy_h: best powder i've ever tried, my skin stays matte ALL day, and gives a dewy and the most naturalest look after a few hours, and i love the package.

Review by navarre: I love this pressed powder! It's the smoothest powder I've ever used and afterwards my skin feels like velvet. I can also use a ton of this without looking cakey at all, surprisingly, just very matte. There's a decent amount of oil absorption but I'll definitely need to blot in a few hours if I still want to stay shine free. Despite being translucent, it does have a bit of coverage on it's own too.

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Johnson & Johnson Pure Essentials Pressed Powder

Review by DawnD: Excellent basic face powder for the price. Looks very natural. Doesn?t clog pores. Doesn?t cause breakouts. I love the natural shade. Provides a natural matte look, but requires reapplying twice or thrice a day. The puff that comes with it just needs improving too but for the price those are minor things to complain about.

Review by joheinous: I hate this product. It makes my skin more oily than usual. It claims "no shine" and "no excess oil" but this powder really had my oil glands in overdrive, especially my Tzone. This is my normal reaction when it comes to this pressed powder. The shades of either light or natural doesn't match my skin tone, so I settled for white. But then I would look like as if a bag of flour had been slapped on my face. Around here they came up with 3 additional shades, pink, blue and peach. No matter, what the shade is, it will never compliment my skin tone. And it will never live up to it's claim. At least for me.

Review by cperry: Bt Hw i can remove it...by using makeup remover or just by water??
someone give me an answer

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Physicians Formula Mineral Wear 100 Mineral Facebrightener

Review by stephanie32082: keep in mind this is NOT a pressed powder compact so the coverage is very minimal (not that PF ever does anyway, it's always been a very "light" natural brand). i use it as a highlight so my face is not ridiculously matte like i have caked on powder. it works great (not too shimmery at all, just great for summer) to give ur skin that natural looking radiance.
the compact looks much nicer than their other compact packages too. :)

Review by dlbd2k06: I would buy this again. I grabbed it in the CVS 75% off section for 3 bucks so its discontined. It work nice, I like it. Okay packaging. I don't have a mirror in my purse and this works well. You have to use a lot to make it work though. I go over and over and over my face.

Review by roxiblue: I just got this powder this week. I like it because it gives a glow. It is a face brightener. I haven't tried a face brightener before. I like how it has gems in it. I can see some sparkles. It doesn't give much coverage since it is not a foundation. I like PF.

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