what to look for in powder foundation?3 top powder foundation

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By Tifanny

what to look for in powder foundation?Let's see the 3 top powder foundation !


Kanebo Kanebo Media Compact Foundation

Review by mworley00: Coverage is high yet sheer. Very natural. But I broke out from this. Media is the only line from Kanebo I break out.

Review by Cygentte3: I found that this foundation is not bad, but not something really excellent.

Review by kimby83: I am in love with this product. This is a powder foundation but the finish is like liquid. It's really true what they say. The powder gives you that luminous, glowing effect. Maybe because of the light reflecting particles in the product. This provides decent coverage and it didn't break me out. Because of this, I would want to try the other products in the Kanebo Media line. It goes to show that you don't really have to pay a lot for good quality.

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Everyday Minerals Sandy Fair

Review by IMAproductwhore: I got a sample of this, and I love it! It matches my skin tone perfectly, and no one can even tell that I'm wearing makeup, it just looks like I have great skin :) I don't have acne so I don't know about the coverage really. I wore this yesterday, and then put sunscreen on overtop of it, and i think it was still there. its hard to tell though, because of how natural it looks. This is the best mineral foundation I've tried, hands down.

Review by DawnD: like all everyday mineral foundations they give great coverage and look totally natural. however i found that i had to use loads to get the finish i wanted and they makeup would get shiny quickly.
i would highly reccomment anything from everyday minerals though as the reason i dont use them anymore is that i live in england so the shipping costs more and takes weeks to arrive

Review by Ellz: I am actually sandy fair! When other people say how fair skinned they are, I just roll my eyes.. jk jk.. i am very light and find that the sandy, fair, and golden fair all work for me. I use the golden fair most often because there is a very slight hint of "gold" to it making my otherwise white skin glow without looking fake or not matching my neck. I have freckles and a natural flush to my cheeks, so when using something as pale as say my forehead, it completely matches, but takes away my freckles and "natural" healthy glow, so I find that If I want a flawless look, I use sandy and then sunkissed fair in original glo on top to illuminate my skin.. if I want everyday coverage than I go with golden fair.. haha if that makes any sense.. the golden fair covers up imperfections without washing me out and allows my freckles to shine through whereas the sandy makes me one complete color.

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Sephora Mineral Loose Powder Foundation

Review by aznbebebabe: I have been searching for a mineral foundation / powder to use with or without foundation. I have been using bare minerals for a few years now and I feel as if it's just not "working" for me anymore. The coverage varies and is not consistent. I have also tried using a liquid with the MAC studio Fix over it and I like it but, not for every day use. This foundation is amazing! I have been using it for the past 3 days and my skin actually feels better!! The coverage is pretty good , feels great on and sets in a matte finish. I bought it for 10.00, which is a huge price cut from 25.00 for BM. This is my new HG!

Review by quantumkitten: Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you know that sephora is selling these for 3 right now!

Review by Capprii: This is just ok. I have tried BM, EM, and Laura Mercier before this one, but was on the look out for a slightly cheaper version of a mineral foundation. Color selection is poor, medium coverage, does not contain spf. I will not be buying this foundation again, it is nothing special and should be around 10, not what Sephora charges for it.

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