what to look for in palette?3 popular palettes

By Helen

what to look for in palette?Let's see the 3 popular palettes !


mark Flip For It Palette Spring in L.A.

Review by Caligirl42990: This palette is so awesome. It may be my favorite Flip For It yet. The first shadow is a pretty cool, shimmery champagne color, almost kind of like a shell color. The second color is a purpley taupe with gold shimmers in it. The blush is a matte fresh true pink that is so flattering. The lip colors are great too, they all go on pretty sheer to provide that sort of "just kissed/bitten" look. Convenient, affordable, and easy to use = WIN in my book.

Review by didion0312: Love this Flip Kit, this is my every day eye shadow. the colors are pretty and long lasting.

Review by francesca39: I absolutely love Mark's Flip For It kits but this is my favorite! The colors are very neutral yet can be played with to make a dramatic look too. The eyeshadows look great together, one is a neutral taupe, pearly color and the other is a great brown with gold sparkles in it. The lip colors are great as well. I usually don't like the lip colors in the flip for its but these are very pretty. Oh and if you have pale skin like I do, this is perfect for you!
My advice would be if you are debating on this, GET IT!! You will not be dissapointed. It is so easy to throw in your purse and you have all the products you will need for the whole day to do any touch-ups.

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Laura Mercier Beauty Eye Book

Review by kitkat85: For reference: NW15, dark brown hair, dark brown eyes.
This is a fantastic palette! I bought this separately from the lip and cheek books, which didn't impress me. The eye palette, however, is very versatile. It includes a couple of purples, blue, taupe, rose, and gold as well as Laura Mercier's signature Black Ebony Cake Liner. The cake liner is undoubtedly my favorite part of the palette and I will most likely not re-purchase a similar eye palette, only the cake liner. The cake liner defines the eyes beautifully and makes lashes look full without ever looking overdone. Moreover, application of the cake liner is much easier than mastering liquid liner. My favorite e/s colors that are included in the palette are Goldspun and Topaz. Goldspun is a great highlighter and I love all taupes so of course I love Topaz.

Review by mworley00: Versatile Neutral Palette, that works well with a lot of other Makeup and looks. Terrific palette for those who love LM or just want to get started and are sampling the colors. Great bang for your buck too, with a full e/s priced at 22. That is a 153 savings!
Only gripe I have is that there is no purple or exciting colors, like in the 2006 Eyebook. Hopefully next year. I probably will not be using the brush, so I can't comment on that.
Dimensions: 3 1/2'' x 4 1/2''
Update: I have to share something I just noticed about this palette. LM laid this palette out in three vertical columns. All the colors running down vertically complement one another. So if you start at the top of one column for an all over lid color, the middle for crease, and bottom for liner, you are all set. Neat huh?
It definitely takes out the guess work.

Review by island_honey: I love all of the colours in this palette! i have try mac, nars, bobbi brown...... this one is the one, i will never want to swap!!!! all color are useful, love it love it.

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NYX Secret World- Runway Collection

Review by nemomemo: it is hard to get my hand on this product because of the country i live in, but i am glad i did, i haven't used it for long, as i can remember just a few times as i also have other products to try out..but i think i will use it more as it includes at least 5 colors i personally love, as i have deep brown eyes and fair skin, i love wearing green eyeshadow in differing intensities, and i also love how lavender complement my brown eyes, the orange is also a fun part of this palette, have i seen anything similar to this? i don't think so..with the neutrals and brights, you can create various kinds of fun look with it. as for the smoothness and staying power,i can't say it is exceptionally good, but it is definitely fulfilling

Review by Olive143: I bought this because i was looking for a green and gold pallet. Perfect! The biggest con is the amount of glitter fallout and a slight petroleum smell if i hold the pallet up to my nose, but otherwise I like it.
This was my first NYX purchase and I was impressed with the pigment. I did spring for a nice eye primer (Paula Dorf) and it keeps every shadow I've tried in place all day - no creasing ever. With this primer, the colors really pop - and the colors show up a little different than I would have expected on skin/primer than they do in the pan. It's been really fun experimenting with different looks. I have two shadow sticks (milk and slate) and it will be even more fun to see how I can incorporate those as bases.

Review by dontblink15: Looooove it. Nice variety of greens/brown/ambers. Basically what you see in the pan is what you get. Nice sleek, no nonsense packaging. Feels professional. :) 10 but depending on where you buy it you could get a deal.

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