what to look for in other?3 top other

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By Elena

what to look for in other?Let's see the 3 top other !


Burt's Bees Hand sanitizer

Review by sleepyone: i love that this sprays- i never get too much accidentally like the squeeze bottles. its not drying, and you get a good amount, i just can't stand the smell. it just smells kinda old and it lingers. i don't think i'll purchase again, i just took off a lippie for the smell

Review by YolandaMC: My HG hand sanitizer. Pleasant light citrus scent and dries quick. No messy gel or alcohol smell. Only 4.99 for 2 oz at CVS. Long lasting and non-drying.
Ingredients: Active Ingredient: ethyl alcohol 62%
Other Ingredients: water, hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel) water, glycerin, fragrance, aloe barbadensis leaf extract

Review by angelchan: My favorite hand sanitizer!
I've been buying and using this spray for years-- and always recommend it to others.
I have a bottle in my purse, in my car and on my desk.
Why is it so wonderful?
1. It sprays-- excellent, sanitary and convenient.
2. I think it smells fine-- 100 times better than Purel or any of the sanitizers that smell like pure rubbing alchohol.
3. The formula is gentle and non-drying-- it has aloe, witch hazel and vitamins B, C and E.
4. It's 100% natural.
5. Burt's Bees doesn't test on animals.
6. It's sold in most stores-- even the grocery store.
7. It lasts a LONG time!

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Weleda Salt Toothpaste

Review by AokiJ: Wow. I hadn't realized how bad the regular drugstore brand toothpastes were until I tried Weleda. I decided to try out some Weleda products because of their association with Steiner. Though I don't know much about Steiner I know that anything associated with him would be the healthiest, natural thing there could be. I was definately not wrong. The taste is takes a little getting used to and the no-foam brushing leaves me a little worried as to whether or not I've brushed properly, but the end result is great. My once aching and bleeding gums are now nice and healthy again. Great product.

Review by mz654: I see the reviews are mostly positive. I suppose the toothpaste has good effect on teeth and gums, but I will never know that, because it tastes really yucky. If you are considering buying this paste, try the small package first - I did and am grateful for that. I loved the way it crunched between my teeth, but it was so salty it made me gag. I'll stick with the Ratanhia toothpaste and leave this one to the salt monster of Star Trek :)

Review by jenss79: I like this very much. The taste takes some getting used to and the salt makes you drooooool, so stay over your sink. But when I'm done my mouth tastes fresh and clean and my teeth feel slick and clean. I don't much care for the thick metal tube packaging because it is hard to get the last of the product out. I will buy again.

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Neutrogena Oil-Free Sunblock Stick SPF30

Review by dxgirly: I love this little stick! I put SPF on my face ritually every single day, but I'm perpetually forgetting my hands, which get tons of sun while I'm driving everywhere. So, I purchased this stick to keep in my purse so I can easily apply it when I'm out, and there's no danger of leaking. The sunscreen itself is decent, perhaps a tad greasy, but since I only use it for the tops of my hands I'm not too concerned about that (wouldn't use it on my face though). It glides on smoothly and it has a citrus scent which doesn't disturb me, nothing too extreme. This is a staple in my purse and I will continue to rebuy as long as they make it!

Review by aguskl: Matte, clean, easy to use, smells nice. Even my product-phobe boyf is willing to take a swipe of this one.

Review by shimmering: Very moisturizing for a sunscreen, which is good for my dry skin. It's sheer, smells great, and has a cute deodorant-like packaging. Will definitely repurchase. Even my mom is now switching to this one!

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