what to look for in nail polish?3 popular nail polishs

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what to look for in nail polish?Let's see the 3 popular nail polishs !


OPI Glove You So Much

Review by diachu21: This is a burgundy shimmer from OPI Hoilday Wishes 2009 line. This polish is a rich looking polish that really evokes holiday vibes. The shimmer polish has a shiny finish that makes the polish look alive from within. Not a dull polish, but not as glittery and bright as other reds in this collection.

Good formulation allows this polish to apply without streaking. The shimmer really seems to allow the polish to resist chipping and I was very pleased with the wear. A great fall and winter shade.

Review by iberian: Great deep shimmer red for the fall out of the 2009 Winter collection. I guess that means I better love it while I've got it! Color applied smoothly and lasted well. I'll definitely put this one at the top of the rotation.

Review by ooliedonna: The perfect color for the holidays! Satisfies my craving for the darker colors - deep, deep red, with shimmers! Absolutely beautiful. And it lasts! Normally my nail color starts chipping within a day. This didn't chip until after six full days. Amazing. Another triumph OPI!

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Lancome Le Magnetique Vernis Star Design – Bordeaux Esmee

Review by Viognier: I really wanted to love this product, and would , if it weren′t so expensive. I love the color, and the fact that you can make the star design. The directions tell you to put on a coat before doing the coat with the star design. I′ve tried both and can say that you don′t need the first coat for the star to work, and that you can use another polish underneath and it works just as well. I′ll save the small amount of polish I got for 18 Euros for the top coat only. I′ve done a couple of fingers to test it, and then then my toes, and I′d say the bottle is about a quarter gone.
Update! I still love the star idea, but find that the polish seems to turn more brown( less purple) a you wear it. The shimmer seems to disappear. The design is also not as visible. If I could return this , I would.

Review by mielr: I really made a mess using this product for a mani and pedi, having to paint each nail, then put the brush back into the bottle to use the magnet. I strongly suggest sitting at a table and removing the magnet with it's casing so it is easier to use the magnet after you do each nail. I put a couple coats of an OPI with gold shimmer on top so I am satisfied with my mani, even though the design got fuzzy over time. The results on my toes was not crisp or complete, because toenails are so tiny.
They could have introduced this at Christmas time, making a blue or red polish so it would be reminiscent of a snowflake. It's a gimmick. Kinda cute. I like the polish color without use of the magnet, so I would buy again.

Review by AutumnBliss: Great concept...wayyyyy too expensive. Being a nail polish whore, of course I bought it. I found it hard to work with the brush, which had a tiny sized handle but was still a full size inside. It was awkward and the polish tended to glop a bit when I tried to put it on. I tend to keep my nails long, so the design turned out really well for me. Unfortunately, it's probably not cool enough to justify buying this again. Ebay, perhaps?

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OPI Girls Love Pink

Review by Stampy_76: Great colour!!! This looks so good as a pedi that I didn't want to remove it....it's perfect for summer or for feeling girly without TOO much glitter. It even works on my tips, where I usually shy away from glitter, but this is understated glitter...no chunks, just fine "glitter dust". The colour looks wonderful on my very fair, warm toned skin so I'm very happy with it.

Review by nemomemo: I also got this free through a marie claire coupon. Girls love Pink is a sheer medium pink with silver microglitter. The glitter is not chunky at all so you feel a rough surface like with some polishes. Opi is pretty good, lasts 4-5 days before it chips on real nails. Does retail for 7.50 if you dont have the coupon.

Review by cgosyne: This is a freebie from Marie Claire available at Trade Secret, but you can still purchase it if you don't have the coupon. I love this color, its such a great summery fun shade! Its a medium pink with loads of silver micro-glitter. Its a touch sheer, but with 2-3 coats, it looks great! A real winner in my book!

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