what to look for in nail polish?3 easy to use nail polish compare

By Christina

what to look for in nail polish?Let's see the 3 easy to use nail polish compare!


Essie Love, Beverly Hills xx

Review by belle2216: This is one of the prettiest reds I own. The gold shimmer is not noticable on the nail, but it does give the color a lot of depth and a lit-from-within quality. It is a red with a blue undertone and takes on different looks depending on the type of lighting. The formula is smooth and applies easily and is very opaque with 2 coats. I purchased this on ebay for 15 + shipping and I don't know if I'd buy it again at that price or higher, but I would say it easily compares to my 10-12 polishes and I would buy again at 12 or less. I'm thinking this one will become one my go to reds in the future.

Review by suze9_8: Crazy ratings! (price and packaging - read on) I found this at Ross Dress For Less, the box was dirty and falling apart from all the crazy holiday shopping. There it sat, all alone and picked over. There were about 3 other boxes left, all marked down to 3.99!
I don't know how else to expand on the descriptions below it's truly as beautiful as described.
It does look like a glowing tree ornament. It does have depth. The gold shimmer is so subtle but gorgeous.
I think I stole this polish, I really do!

Review by London84: One of my all time FAVORITE nps! Just absolutely beautiful. There's not much more that I can say that hasn't already been noted...this red is rich and beautiful. A total HG for me! :)

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Rimmel Bare Naked

Review by fuxxy: This is the colour I wear the most as it's a very neutral shade that matches my fair skin.
It's ideal for ordinary job interviews (nothing creative, for those I recommend OPI's So hot it berns and maybe Chanel's Rose Insolent) as it keeps your hands discreet and elegant yet natural and polished.

Review by bunnyrabbit: This is a beautiful nude shade. I didn't find that this was a salmon colour at all, or that it changed colour after being exposed to the sun.
I needed 3 coats to get it completely opaque and with top coat it lasted about three days without chipping in my hectic lifestyle.
I love the brush! It's flat and allows for a more even coverage imo. I would definitely buy this again, it's the third colour I've brought from this Rimmel line and I can't wait to get more :)

Review by nina: Wonderful nude color on my NC25 skin. 2 coats gives you a slight sheer pretty salmon color. To me its more opaque than sheer, but there's still some sheerness to it... haha does that make sense? 3 coats intensifies the color to completely opaque salmon, but it no longer looks nude-ish on me. It's definitely a great shade for spring. Will repurchase.

EDIT: This is still a pretty shade, for about a day or two, until it turns into an ugly shade of light orange that resembles vomit. WTF? The formula is too goopy and applies unevenly and streaky.

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Essie Steel-ing the Scene

Review by ooliedonna: This is a great silver - not too blue/cool and has the effect of molten metal. Unfortunately this same effect highlights every imperfection in my nails, and even with a ridge filler they were really noticeable. Still, it's a nice shade and I'd recommend it for any skin tone (and anyone who likes the idea of a liquid mercury-like polish.)

Review by lorraine07: This was my second Essie nail polish. It does have a paint thinner smell when you first apply it, and it IS watery. However, coverage is really good and at least for me, the thin consistency helps me make it so that there are no brush strokes, which is rare for a metallic nail polish.
This looks horrid with the Essie matte, in case anyone was wondering. The charm in this one is purely in the shine and lovely warm tones in the silver, which get lost with the matte topcoat.

Review by kitkat85: Nice colour. I'm warm/fair and on me it looks pewter-y with a hint of silver at the same time. Very shiny, applies and wears really well with no brush marks typical of metallic colours.

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