what to look for in nail polish?3 best-selling nail polishs

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By Tifanny

what to look for in nail polish?Let's see the 3 best-selling nail polishs !


Sinful Sugar Sugar

Review by Lyssa2676: I really think this shade is so very lovely! I don't normally wear reds this "bright" (I lean more towards the deep, almost black reds), but I really think it's great. Can't beat the price! I'll buy again for sure. Give it a shot, ladies :)

Review by Sybil84: I adore this color! It's a deep red with gold shimmer. Long lasting. Applies evenly in two coats. I don't think it's too crazy for work. And it's dirt cheap!

Review by shimmering: Sugar Sugar is a deep red shade with lots of red shimmer. I am a PPP and I never thought I could wear red but the color was so pretty and cheap, they're only 2. I decided to just try it since I wouldn't be out a lot of money. I was suprised how wearable it is. It's a universally flattering shade. I paired mine with a Konad stamp in black and I like the way it turned out. The color chipped after two days but I had been house cleaning and typing. I used Seche Vite top coat but I waited for my nails to dry before applying the top coat and apparently that is a big no-no and if I would have applied the Seche Vite correctly, my nails might not have chipped so soon. I will try it again and update later. Overall I really like the color and the consitancy. It was easy to apply and I didn't have any trouble with bubbling or streaking.

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Essie Futures French

Review by betsyab: I love this sheer nudish shade! Makes a nice french manicure, or a subtle and natural nail by itself. The formula is great, too...it applies smoothly.

Review by Newme: I found this at TJMaxx for 1 along with Wicked and It's in the bag (both 2 each). This honestly is the best nude I have ever tried. Application is great and it totally looks like my nails but so much better! I used it with Sally Hansen white nail pencil for a natural french look. Essie has discontinued this color, but they match it with Potatoe Fields of their current line. This is a great nude that does not look pink on the nails.

Review by biomechmonster: The colour was good, pale pinky beige. The first few times I used it, it was pretty perfect. Unfortunately, once I'd used 1/3 of the bottle it was hard to apply without getting very streaky. I find OPI polishes to be of much better quality (and the brushes a lot more user friendly).

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Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Mystic Lilac #10

Review by miss_mac: The only reason this nail polish is getting 2 lippies is due to the nice packaging and awesome formula. The color however... is fugly. I read so many blogs raving about this polish and had to try it myself. On my light, cool toned skin, this was incredibly too dark and muddy looking. I only used it once, then gave it to my mother. (She hates it too though). Oh also, what's with Sally Hansen classifying this as lilac? LILAC IS A MIXTURE OF PINK AND PURPLE, NOT SOME MUDDY PURPLE/GREY/GREEN COLOR!

Review by blueaygi: This just isn't working for me. The formula is okay but this greige w/ subtle green shimmer ... I don't get what the rage is all about. I should have bought another bottle of Purple Gala instead of this.

Review by navarre: This can be described as a lilac polish with taupe/grey undertones and a green shimmer. It is extremely gorgeous! Application is smooth and easy, but can be sheer---you may need 3 coats. Wear lasted about 4 days and easy removal. Retails for 2.99 CDN at RCSS.

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