what to look for in mascara?3 popular mascara

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what to look for in mascara?Let's see the 3 popular mascara !


Fasio power-stay mascara 3D plus Air Tech curl long in Brown

Review by bklyncowgirl: Love this mascara! Got it in black! Its clump free( remember to remove the excess with a tissue before applying) and gives me super duper long lashes! Its even better than Maybeline Intense XXl..My lashes were nicely seperated too, giving that japanese dolly look! Oh and the best thing is that it doesn't smudge! I have really oily lids and no matter what brand i get, my mascara runs, even the waterproof ones! Only drawback is that its harder to remove than normal mascaras! But its so cheap and so good, I'll give it five lippies! Will definitely buy again!

Review by redheadjane: I LOVE this mascara this is the one and only mascara that never smudged or gave me panda eyes! It also doesn't clump and easy to apply! I've tried maybelline great lash waterproof and yet it still gave me those panda eyes.
This really gave me the length and hold the CURL!!(remind you that i have a short and straight lashes)
I'd even buy the curl volume.....
But the only downside is it sooooooooooooo HARD to remove, i've tried using neutrogena cleansing lotion but it never worked for me soo now i'm in search for the perfect makeup remover for fasio mascara cause for sure this will be a staple item in my kit.

Review by JT14: I loved Fasio's mascaras until they decided to change the brush shape and the formula along with it. It used to be my HG as it doesn't clump too badly and wouldn't smudge even in storms. The brush is now an awkward stiff fat shape that makes my lashes clump horribly and I start getting panda eyes at noon. I am never buying their mascara again until they decide to change the stupid brush shape!

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Rimmel Double Play Multi Look Mascara

Review by moth: Wow. Bought this on a whim...it was on sale at Ulta for like 3 so I was like "why not?"- like many of you out there I'm always on the hunt for a great mascara. What got my attention was that its 2-sided... one side for day and one for night. I tried it on and its the 1st mascara that has made me feel like I'm wearing falsies! My lashes are somewhat full but not very long on their own. This mascara made them long, curled, full and minus the clumps and fakes! I was really impressed! I have tried expensive to cheap and this is up there on the list for me.

Review by miss_mac: Hollilocks pretty much said it all. I love this mascara. Extreme black is as black as it claims. I got mine for 8 and I liked that I got two-in-one for the price.

Review by bebejacket: I loved the packaging. Quite edgy and pretty. Mascara itself? Mediocre. It starts off quite nice but it flakes off so by the end of the day, there's nothing. Also, I didn't notice a difference in my lash length when I used the Night brush over the Day brush. They both work the same.

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Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill

Review by Ellz: THIS IS IT! This is the mascara that I have been looking for - forever. I was beginning to think that maybe there just wasn't that perfect mascara for me, and then I went to the Armani counter, bought a few things and snagged a "gift" set which included a large sample size of this mascara. I tried it out with trepidation - not ever thinking that I'd like it, let alone fall in love.
Well I did. I had to go back the next day to buy the full size version. It fluffs, it volumizes, it lengthens, it holds curl. It is the best. I feel like I can say with confidence that I have tried every "HG" mascara out there. Dior, YSL, Chanel, Lancome even drugstore mascaras like Cover Girl etc... there were good ones. I really like NARS Larger than Life, but this mascara beats them all by a long shot. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I don't think I'll ever buy a different mascara again.

Review by cyndiinphilly: I bought this during an Armani 20% off event. I wasn't going to pay full price for another crappy, expensive mascara that flaked, clumped, gave me raccoon eyes and wasn't any better than a less expensive brand. Thankfully, Armani didn't use a rubber wand.I think that type of applicator doesn't reach the lashes well, and deposits the product odd. Application was great. No clumping. Built length and thickness, but without spidery looking lashes. Lashes stayed soft No clumping, flaking or smearing. Easy removal. Definite 4.5

Review by Suzy_h: i first got a sample of this thanks to my MA who used to work at GA. needless to say, this stuff is AMAZING. no clumpiness, no flakey or smudging. My mom wore this to a funeral and no signs of runny mascara (this isn't the waterproof one).
I've tried many other mascaras from Dior, YSL, maybelliene, cover girl, lancome, among many others.
needless to say this stuff is AMAZING. i'm on my 2nd tube of this. This mascara gives you instant DRAMA. it looks like i have false eyelashes due to the length and volume that this mascara provides.

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