what to look for in makeup brushes?3 effective makeup brushes

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By Monica

what to look for in makeup brushes?Let's see the 3 effective makeup brushes !


Stila #7 Crease Brush

Review by edie4711: I'm surprised that this brush works so well in my crease because it looks like some of my regular e/s brushes except flatter, a little narrower and with longer slightly tapered bristles. I'm used to a bushier crease brush, but this one works better than the other ones I have and is just the right size to get into my crease and deposit the shadow.

Review by isabellet: Like i said about #20 and #9 HG HG HG! this brush is perfect for applying the right about of color to the crease of the eye I would pay 100 for this brush if i had to .

Review by andij: This brush is exactly what i was looking for. I have a very small crease area, so this brush fit exactly into it for perfect e/s application on my crease.
And I use this brush to put e/s on my lid. Perfect sized brush to fit my lids so it doesn't go over that area.
When I went into the Stila's counter, i took my old crease brush, and asked their SA to find a crease brush similar to my old one.
And this was the one, he recommended. I was already looking online through stila's website trying to see which would look like my old one, and this one looked like it may work.=)
I would definetly buy this again.=) This is my first Stila brush purchase and i'm satisfied with it.

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Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner

Review by mulhollanddrive: Its fumes are probably bad for you, its scent is disgusting, but the bottom line is that it works. My brushes have never been so clean in my life. My powder brushes even dry in under 5 minutes with this product. I say use cautiously.. as someone else stated below i do believe the ingredient did have an intentional misspelling.

Review by aml1: There's nothing like this product!!!! I just wish i could buy it in Texas!! I love the smell, it's addictive-it kind of smells like strawberries. I'll never use anything else!!!

Review by clnfox: It's a bit expensive, yes, but it works! It's the only method of cleaning brushes that really CLEANS them. It's easier to use than MAC (you don't have to dilute it), and it dries really quickly (about 10 minutes for small brushes, and maybe 20 or 30 for denser face brushes). Just be sure you wipe the brushes off really well. I use paper towels, and I keep wiping the brush until it stops leaving greasy spots on the paper. Even my Alima brushes, which literally take DAYS to dry using MAC cleanser, dry really quickly with this stuff. It might be expensive, but it's totally worth it. I also got their brush cleanser tin, which is what I put the stuff in so I can dip the brushes. Can't say enough good things about this stuff. I'll never use any other brush cleanser again.

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Ulta Tapered Crease Eyeshadow Brush

Review by jules2064: I picked this up in-store for 13.50 (18 regular), and it is just the crease brush I was looking for. This has a round, tapered head that comes almost to a point at the tip. The hairs are very soft for blending, but firm enough to actually pick pressed shadow up easily. This is perfect for me, as my eyes are slightly hooded and I always have a difficult time finding a brush that gets into my tiny crease. Usually I find a crease brush that's soft enough, but too big (Tarte). Or it's small enough, but so stiff it hurts to use it. This is my HG crease brush because it can apply and blend into my crease with just the right contour. I love it and would purchase again.

Review by cloud0204: This is the latest addition to my makeup brush collection, and it's great for applying shadows to my crease! Unlike a regular shadow brush, the pointed tip of this brush helps to get all the shadow to go in your crease, and not just above the crease or on the very top of your lid. I bought this as an alternative to MAC's pencil brush, simply because the Ulta one is a bit cheaper. But it still has the same point at the top of the brush as the MAC one. Believe me, I was extremely picky when looking at knockoffs! Sonia Kashuk's are way too round at the top, but the Ulta brush is just right. I would repurchase this one a million times over!

Review by Alexis: Decided to try this brush during a sale, and it is one of two brushes I use for my eye makeup application every single day. It's so nice for a precise application in small eyelid areas, or for blending, or for packing on color. It's very versatile, and the bristles are very soft, too! Nice handle length as well. I have bought two more since.

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