what to look for in loose powder?3 recommended loose powder

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By Elena

what to look for in loose powder?Let's see the 3 recommended loose powder !


T. LeClerc Rose The

Review by franjipany: I love this product. The color is so subtle. I don't even bother with foundation...I whisk it on and go. It evens my skin out and gives me a wonderful matte look that lasts all day. I rank it as high as my Banane.

Review by blyss: I love this product but do not understand why rose is in it's name. On my fair/medium skin rose the is more of a peachy apricot. The packaging is excellent. Out of every single powder that I have tried T LeClerc is my favorite. The pigmentation makes the skin look flawless. If T LeClerc were bed sheets they would be egyptian cotton with the highest thread count in the world. T LeClerc makes colored powders to enhance and correct various skintones and to create special effects. Rose The softens the features and gives a peaches and cream glow.

Review by runty: I took off two lippies because this is the absolute worst packaging for loose powder ever and it is kind of expensive. Having said that, I do love the quality of the powder. It is very silky and does not appear cakey. I actually took an old NYC loose powder container and transferred this powder into it. I like this one and may repurchase but also want to try Giorgio Armani Micro Fil before I will give this HG status. This will probably last forever, so although it is expensive it lasts a long time (though I found it for 16 on e-bay!).

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Make Up For Ever microfinishing powder

Review by Stampy_76: Great setting powder that works well to fill in fine lines and leave you looking FLAWLESS!
Lokks sorta "ghostly" when first applied but within minutes you will look airbrushed!!!!
I wouldn't but again because there is no way I could use all this goodness up!

Review by belle2216: I'm not so much of a loose powders kinda of gal - despite the oily complexion I have. That's just because I could never find one that would live up to its promises. Until I tried MUFE microfinishing powder. This powder not only gives me the 'airbrushed' look, it also somewhat keep my oiliness at bay. Makes my skin looks flawless (and believe me, my complexion is far from flawless). A little goes a long way, too! Definitely an HG!

Review by ooliedonna: I am fan of powders, have Le Clerc, Dior Lace, MAC, etc..But this is the best powder I've ever had. It is unbelievably long-lasting, stays on and keeps the perfect airbrushed look for at least 8 hours.and is invisible. I am not very keen on the jar, to use it , I have to either sprinkle some in the lid and swipe the brush in it or just dust some directly on the brush.The result is worth the inconvenience, though :)

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DHC Face Powder

Review by jamelia: I bought the light in this, it looks almost white. I actually used a big brush instead of the puff that came with it. I didn't break out from it though, Thank God! A little dusting controlled shine for a while, but there are better powders out there for a lot less money.

Review by roxiblue: I love this powder!! First of all it is soo cute.... it comes in an adorable little white container with a sifter, and the puff that comes with it is sooo soft!!! i love the puff!!! and the powder itself is very light and transparent, and super silky! I got the medium shade and it works well with my fair skin. And for 12 , what a steal! and i am gonna try and keep the puff and container when it's all gone , to put some other powder in there, they're just so cute, that you couldn't throw them away!

Review by oneofmylies99: I love this powder - I use the translucent, which is very light - it's hard to find a really light powder for fair skin. It's very sheer and doesn't cake. As for the packaging, they must have changed it because it's not "cute" - it's a nice large-size cannister with a sifter top. I use my own spongy applicators, since I like to wash them daily.

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