what to look for in lipstick?3 top lipsticks review

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By Monica

what to look for in lipstick?Let's see the 3 top lipsticks review!


Stila Darla lipstick

Review by CherryBlossom03: This is a nice peachy nude. Little more pale than my lips but does not wash me out. Nice for a casual look.

Review by bastet: Until I got Darla I had never tried a nude lipstick that worked for me. They either look too pale or they show too much of my natural lip colour through, so the lippy colour is barely perceptible. Even though Darla is classified as a sheer by Stila it has good coverage, but it still has the moistness of the Stila sheers. It's a beautiful, slightly peachy nude, and very flattering and natural next to my fair skin.

Review by lmharte: I love this color - a beautiful peachy nude. Darla is what I wanted MAC Peachstock to be ... unfortunately Peachstock was a dull color on my med. pigmented lips and made my fair skin appeared washed out. Stila Darla brightens up my face. Also, like all Stila lipsticks, it is nice and smooth and not at all drying.

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Bobbi Brown Lip Shine- Blush

Review by dastac: This is one of the very few lipsticks that I have bought again and again over the years. This is one of my top 3 my lips but better colors. I will be so upset if they ever discontinue this shade!

Review by mulhollanddrive: That?s probably my favourite L/s. The texture is great, the size's very handy to carry anywhere with you, it has a sun protection and it's the best color! Will repurchase for sure. It works better with a bronzer on the cheeks than a blush, it's like a nude color l/s.

Review by kimberpoo: blush is a beautiful rosy mauve nude with shimmer that I have worn almost everyday since I bought it, and the slim tube fits into the smallest bag. Will definately repurchase :)

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Bobbi Brown Scarlett Lip Color

Review by coolRED: On me (cool-toned LLL, brown hair and eyes) this is a true red, although not so bright it looks garish (it's deeper than BB's Red, which makes me look like a clown). It makes my skin look a shade lighter than normal, but not in a washed out way. Doesn't go pink or orange, doesn't feather. Semi-matte texture--I would recommend wearing lip balm under it if your lips dry out easily. I prefer slightly deeper, wine-colored reds, but this is very nice. BTW, Scarlett is very close in color to MAC's VG I--I'd say Scarlett is just slightly warmer.

Review by CancerianPrincess: colouring: asian MAC NC30-35
wow. i think i have found my HG red l/s! This is a beautiful red. As the other mua-er noted it is the perfect daytime/work red. It isn't too bright that it attracts too much attention, but it isn't dark either. its a lovely in between. I definatley don't feel self conscious when i wear this during the day. It goes on smooth and stays put. It does tend to be a little dry, but a little bit of balm solves that right away. As for the smell i must agree it does have a bit of that "granny" smell, but strangely i kinda like it! :)

Review by kit_kat68: This is a gorgeous neutral red shade, with just enough brown in it to make it supremely wearable. Unlike Ruby Stain (my other BB red fave), Scarlet is creamy and matte, allowing for an ultra sophisticated yet understated look. If I want to vamp it up a notch, I add a layer of Crystal lip gloss over it, or some Ruby Sugar Shimmer lip gloss. Great lasting power! But, like all BB lipsticks, it has a rather eewy stale smell to it.

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