what to look for in lipstick?3 effective lipstick brand

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By Fiora

what to look for in lipstick?Let's see the 3 effective lipstick brand!


MAC Costa Chic

Review by moth: Love love love this lipstick! I have pale olive skin and look exhausted most of the time, but this just brightens my entire face. My lips are very dark naturally so on me this lipstick is really bright. I've seen it on women with paler lips and it's more of a pale tangerine coral on them. I would never say that it's a "frost" (frost means "shimmer" right?), on me it comes out creamy-matte. I find it has good staying power and is still really pretty even as it wears off, leaving more of a pale pink lip. The smell is lush too.... like vanilla cake!

Review by biomechmonster: Ok, so I just got my Euristocrats II package in the mail, I wiped off my lips and put on Costa Chic as well as swatched on my hand.
First impressions:
Frost formula but feels good and applies creamy. Tends to cling a bit in the creases of the lips or any chapped areas.
Is a bit pinkier than I thought it would be.
The color is summertime very bright, makes me look tan instantly though I'm not! The swatch on my hand is interesting, if it catches the light one way, it looks coral but with a cool frosty pink, if I blur my eyes I see a little blue in there (flourescant lights above me?), if I turn it another way it looks like a warm pinky coral...but yep slight cool sheen of frost def! Makes my teeth look whiter which I wasn't expecting.
Edit- After wearing it a few times,, I decided it was just too frosty-- not my look.

Review by pretty_please: In the UK this lipstick is permanent and I had been lusting over it ever since I first went into a MAC store. I'm drawn to Corals as they suit my fair but neutral skintone more than pinks. This colour is a vibrant pinky coral....quite unique......(imo it's not frosty-as in shimmer but it has a sort of pinkish pearl in the tube) Never had a Frost finish lippie before and I have to say it is quite drying and looks matte on my lips which does not flatter me at all. However, it looks great with either a clear or milky gloss to counteract not only the matte-ness but the vibrancy of the colour. So for me it is not wearable on it's own but with a gloss....perfect. Would not buy again because I have got a lot of coral lippies to get through but it is one of my favourites of the ones I have.....and I really do have a lot! It's a must for coral fans!

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Stila Convertible Lip Color in Nude Bloom

Review by mworley00: I know this is probably more expensive than it should be but I love this color--mainly the sheer side and it is one of the best colors I have ever used. I will mourn its passing.

Review by oneofmylies99: this has got really cute packaging but the tube could be 2 thirds of the length and the little sticks of lipstick arent very secure, they really are tiny, like those gift with purchase mini lipsticks or those mini lippies you bought when you were little. the idea is good though, and so handy. i think that if the packaging were tweaked and the price lowered a little, i would buy them all the time because they would be so travel friendly. these shades are nice, i think they would widely complement all skin tones. lasting power is not all that good but i really like this otherwise. i wont be buying again but i will use this very contentedly!

Review by quantumkitten: Ooooh...I'm totally lovin this stuff. Yeah, the price kinda stinks considering the amount you get, but the idea of having two l/s paired like this in such a portable packages is quite nice. The sheer side is the best and provides the perfect nude lips with a hint of shimmer and a *teeny* bit of color. The matte side is nice too but I doubt I'll get much use out of it. I'll deffinitely buy again unless I can find a single shade that is similar to the sheer side of this. One downer is that this tastes pretty gross though.

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Guerlain Kiss Kiss Reve D Ore

Review by ZoSo: I think this is going to be my spring lipstick. It's a wonderful shade between rose, peach, and red, topped off with a gold sheen. I would call it a warm, golden rose. Today, I wore it with a light yellow eyeshadow (MAC Rose Blanc) and Nars Orgasm blush, which was a beautiful combination. All of the KissKiss lipsticks smell great and come in cute gold-cube packaging.

Review by AimeeO: No question, a KissKiss lipstick is a gorgeous miniature sculpture for the hand and makeup bag. The formula is remarkable. It glides on easily, like a cream, but produces no excess creaminess to smear or rub off on the teeth. In fact, I blotted my lips with a tissue immediately after applying it, and there was virtually no residue. It lasts without being drying, which I think is a major cosmetic accomplishment. That said, RĂªve d'Or itself is a touch warm for me. I'm a blonde PPP who looks best in cool to neutral shades, and this gilded rose, while beautiful, isn't the most flattering to me. I'd recommend it highly to warm-toned gals, however.

Review by minnielouse: I never wear reds or frosts.....this is utterly wearable, sexy and lip enhancing. Its a warm, soft, pearlized beiged down red.

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