what to look for in lipstick?3 easy to use lipstick reviews

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what to look for in lipstick?Let's see the 3 easy to use lipstick reviews!


Chanel Hydrabase Coco Pink

Review by amystar: In the tube it looks like a very intense almost electric bubble-gum pink (and as someone who posted, noted -- only bluer. -- If it wasn't a word before it is now! :) ) But it goes on a little (only a little) softer than it looks in the tube. You can even soften it up more by putting it over MAC subculture or spice lip liner. I have a lot of blue in my skin too so this isn't too shocking on me. Plus I have dyed black hair right now which it goes really great w/. This is the second time I bought it. The first time was about 15 years ago. (I bought it again for nostalgia's sake) I also like the way it smells -- almost like Chanel No. 19. The other thing I like about this lipstick is it seemed to moisturize my lips nicely.

Review by Lyssa2676: 99% of you will gag when you see this color; the other 1% (and you know who you are) will absolutely love it. Think bubblegum pink only bluer (is that a word??) and brighter. There's so much blue/pink in my skin that I have a terrible time with makeup in general, eyeshadow and lipstick, in particular. Just as Chanel Aquacrayon in Velveteen is my HG eyeliner, I count on Coco Pink in the summer before moving to deeper tones in the fall. I've stopped looking...MAC, Lauder, nobody can touch Chanel.

Review by cgosyne: This is the BEST lipstick ever, and it's been discontinued - why, Chanel, why?! I know a dupe for it is N.Y.C. Blue Rose, which I previously thought was discontinued, but can still be found online. Wet N' Wild has a shade called 505A that is one shade darker but VERY similar. (That color is a dupe of MAC's Rocking Chick, so I guess you could say that MAC shade is a near-dupe of Coco Pink.)

If anyone knows of any other dupes that are actually still made and sold, please share! It's a shame such a classic shade is gone.

7/04/2011 - Similar shades also include Dior Pink Caprice and YSL Tropical Pink. Still looking for more!

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Avon Double Impact Lipcolor - Baby

Review by iberian: I bought this after reading all the reviews here. It just doesn't work for me. It's too pink on me. I look like a little girl. Cute case, though.

Review by gogoamy: This is a beautiful pink-brown lipstick with light golden shimmers.It is not moisturizing but wears well.
The scent disappears quickly which is a plus since I prefer fragrance-free.The tube is a beautiful,classy burgundy case.
It is very pretty,perfect with Caramel Lipliner by Lancome.
Very flattering and natural on my very fair skin and my neutral coloring(really neutral I coud wear some cool and some warm tones but I prefer slightly cool tones).I love this one, a very nice addition to my collection of pink-brown lipticks!

Review by kimberpoo: It is definetly a YLBB COLOR. In the tube it is a pinkish-brown. The color is true,it showed up nicely with my skintone (MMM is my closest estimation). I did find it a bit dry, but I am more of a gloss girl. I just put some clear gloss over it, and it looked amazing.

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Vincent Longo Lip Stain in Madison

Review by fitnessa: I like the lip stains, but I find there is way too much pigmentation in this color for me. Also, it becomes a not-too-flattering orangey-red color on me.

Review by Alexis: I wouldn't really consider this a stain because it doesn't stay on my lips as long as I would like, but it is most definitely a lovely shade of red on my nc40-42 skin. Very flattering and I am convinced it would look lovely on a variety of skin tones and lip pigments. The only drawback is that when it fades it does not fade evenly, and settles into the lines in my lips. I haven't experienced that with any other lipstick, but maybe I just need to wear this a few more times. Purchased from BBWorks sale for 6 dollars, truthfully, I would not pay more for this.

Review by wunverdoll: Love the way this felt, love the way this lasted. I have been on a lip stick quest for awhile now. Everything is too light, too thick...etc. This is perfect, I don't even mind the price-BUT. I am a PPP with auburn hair and hazel eyes, and this turned fuschia pink on me. Really, really pink. I immediately sent it back and am waiting on another color.

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