what to look for in lipstick?3 best-selling lipstick reviews

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what to look for in lipstick?Let's see the 3 best-selling lipstick reviews!


Lancome Color Design in Top Model

Review by Elixir: the most beautiful lipstick I own. I borrowed it from my makeup artist, and then I ran out. I use it almost every day. It's a universally flattering shade of nude pink. worth every penny :)

Review by tambien: this is one of the ONLY nude colours that complements my dark olive skin. i look like crap in almost every other one i've tried.
but i do have to say that your lips need to be exfoliated and smooth because this will settle into lines etc. but i adore the colour and it doesn't dry my lips out. so i'll be using it.
it conceals the high level of pink in my lips so that i can play up my eyes/cheeks.

Review by Viognier: I think this is a beautiful color but it is not for me. The lipstick just lightens my lips and looks strange on me. If you have dark hair and yellow undertones to your skin then this color probably wouldn't be good for you either. I do however really like lancome lipsticks although so I can't really give this a bad rating. If your looking for a light neutral pink beige then this color would be perfect.

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Chanel Rouge Allure in Evocation

Review by CancerianPrincess: I just love this lipstick, it is my daily go to lip colour. I am now on my third tube. It goes with everything and looks very classy. What's not to love?

Review by biomechmonster: This is a great lipstick! I generally have very thin, pale-looking, dry, chapped lips (worst combination ever) and this is a fantastic everyday lipstick if you want something subtle but sexy. Absolutely non-drying, dewy with slight shimmer, and stays on well for a decent amount of time. However, it is not moisturizing either so do remember to slap on some lip balm before putting this on. The result is a satin-smooth finish with a nude-ish peach-red color. This color tone gives an illusion of healthier, plumped up lips without taking the attention away from the rest of your face. This works best with nude/light make-up so if you're going for a more dramatic look especially for the night, this may not be for you. However, do try out the other colors under Rouge Allure because the range itself is fantastic! Oh, and i love the packaging too :)

Review by mworley00: A very neutral rose/pinky beige sort of a shade - a bit on the sensible side and it's not particularly all that enhancing. That said, I find that I reach for it more often than not! I guess it's the sort of lipstick that's suitable for every occasion and would never draw attention to itself but if you want an everyday kind of lipstick, it's pretty good!

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Maybelline Color Sensational - Bit of Berry

Review by lorrainer07: I feel like the color that applies is quite different from what you see in the tube. I supposed "Bit of Berry" is an appropriate name because it's really more like "A Lot of Brownie". I actually think this color would work for someone who has a lot more color in her skin -- maybe a true brunette who can really work brownish lipsticks. But for this PPP with hair colored hair and gray eyes, it just doesn't work at all. The quality is good but the brownishness just washes me out totally.

Review by cweiss: This is such a pretty color! The color is a midtone berry pink. It's a cream finish, no shimmer, but looks slightly glossy.
I have light skin with warm undertones and golden-chestnut brown hair, and this lipstick really brightens and compliments my complexion.
I took off one lippie because a couple shades of the color sensational lipsticks have a funky smell, and this unfortunately is one of them. It has a stronger, more synthetic sweet cent, which I'm definitely not a fan of.
Thankfully, it doesn't last long, but I wish it smelled the same as the rest of the shades.
I usually top it off with a clear gloss for added shine. Plus, this makes my teeth noticeably whiter.
If you have darker hair and a warmer complexion, definitely try this out!

Review by Cygentte3: I was pleasantly surprised with the pigmentation of this. It's very opaque and gives a great creamy coverage. The shade on my lips is a medium berry plum and has a creme finish. When I want a darker berry lip colour, I usually go for this and it pairs well with a smoky or neutral eye. I found the formula a little drying so it might be best to wear a lip-balm underneath. Has a smooth consistency, and easy to swipe on the lips. This one smells a little weird, but nothing too intolerable.

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