what to look for in lipstick?3 best-selling lipstick review

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what to look for in lipstick?Let's see the 3 best-selling lipstick review!


Prestige Rosewood

Review by Sybil84: This has an MLBB shade, a deep rosey mauve. I love, love the color since I can switch it up for day and night and it brightens up my complexion. :D My natural lip color borders on the rose/mauve by the way. :) )
I'd like to try the shade V.I.P though if I can find the time to pass by the store again (after final exams!! haha). :D

Review by cperry: I have wanted to try Prestige l/s for a long time and finally did. This color looked great in the tube but went on totally brown on me. I wasn't fond of the texture...it was that hard waxy texture, not creamy at all. After using it my lips peeled. This is going back today even though I only paid less than 3 for it, I know I won't use it again.

Review by zhenya: Love it! Great pinky mauve brown. Looks fabulous with my coloring - I have red hair/strawberry blonde hair with blue gray eyes. I like prestige products and this is no exception. Overall great.

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Guerlain Rouge G de Guerlain 09 Galante

Review by GonnaBeARockStar: I love Galante and didn't think I would! It's relatively dark, and has some brown to it, which is usually a big "no no" for me. Galante is a beautiful cinnamon red with some brown. It reminds me of a discontinued NARS lipgloss I used to love called Positino (which had shimmer, this does not). When topped with Chanel Pagoda, Galante shines and makes my eyes (warm brown) really pop. The texture is lovely, not much shimmer (if any) is noticable. Creamy and longwearing but not drying (like most of these lovely Rouge Gs). Scent very similar to Chanel Rouge Allure.
PS - I've been grabbing this a lot this fall. It's just lovely. It's a not a "lips only" shade like some reds and dramatic shades are - looks great with significant eye makeup too. LOVE!

Review by srobinb: A definite winner from Guerlain. The best lipstick ever I've used ( in general, I'm a Kiss Kiss fan, but this is better by far), can be somewhat compared to Rouge Allure but much better color selection, staying power and overall appearance on lips. Not drying and intense color. Galante is a little darker than MLBB but is good for every occasion, a day out with kids, office and that special event too. I'm occasionally wearing glasses and good foundation and Galante are enough to make me look healty and polished. A killer price but well worth it. Though bulky package is disgusting.
Ah, myself Dior 022 with pale lips. Use a matching lip liner with my G.

Review by YolandaMC: Yesterday I got my Rouge G in Galante color!
It is nice rouge, long wearing, nondrying, and package is so charming, like some jewelry!
This color 09 is for some fair skin lady with darker hair color( Snow White look!) , it is wearable for day and for night! Very elegant and nice color, brownish- red with some purple undertone. Price is too high for some lipstick, but it is not dramaticaly expensive- Sisley, La Prairie, in my country even Elizabeth Arden are expensive too!

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Christian Dior Diorific Lipstick in Magic Wine

Review by kimberpoo: A simply beautiful deep ruby red. Marvellous with olive complexions, because it's quite warm. Quite moisturising for a long-wearing formula, the most beautiful packaging available.

Review by cosmokid: This is a luscious deep red in the *best* packaging - a bit OTT but Dior manages to pull it off :) It personally didn't look good on me, partly because I don't think I can carry off reds, but I think this would look wonderful on a brunette

Review by aznbebebabe: This is my HG red lipstick, I got lots of lipsticks from MAC and this one is the one I always come to if I want a true luscious looking red, I absolutelly love it, and I think Im gonna have to buy a backup!
The texture is really nice and long lasting, the smell of it is addictive, and the packaging is so beautiful, probably the most beautiful of all the makeup I own!

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