what to look for in lip products?3 best lip productss

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By Helen

what to look for in lip products?Let's see the 3 best lip productss !


Joe Fresh Style Lip Stain in Apple

Review by lipstik: This is a soft pink-red on me, an MLBB look for my relatively pigmented lips. I have the lipstain in Berry and love the colour it gives, and I'm eyeing the Red one too.

Review by GonnaBeARockStar: I love this! My lips are pretty big, and I've been looking for red lipstick that won't make me look like a clown. This is perfect! Not too...much. I much prefer the lighter feel of a stain that that of a lipstick tbh. So much better. The smell's pretty delicious, too. I am tempted to lick it off. The price is fair, too.

Review by cyndiinphilly: I LOVE THIS COLOR. My boyfriend is more a fan of subtle color, but me, I'm always trying to get the lip color they use on taylor swift, or various models. It looks pinky-reddish, and like you just ate some pommegranites. I would definitely buy again.

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Neutrogena MoistureShine tinted lip balm in Clean #20

Review by Newme: Pigmented and slippery (more than smackers) w/ good SPF

Review by KateN: #10 is Glow. This is a review of #20-Clean. This is a very natural, your lips but better, type shade. It's shimmery, but naturally so IMO. This has a more gold shimmer to it. Some of the other shades have more of a silver shimmer. I have all of the ones that have shimmer. I reach for this one the most. You need to reapply often, but I don't mind. It's not expensive and the color is so natural and nice. Will repurchase.

Review by ahappyplace: the packaging rocks my socks. i HATE how lipsticks roll up, melt and just annoy me. i hate how lipglosses come w/the goofy wand that gets all over the place. this is perfect for me b/c i'm VERY VERY busy at work and just do not have time to delicately reapply lipstick. i do, however, have time to swipe this awesome tinted balm and go. it's like one reviewer said: it's the color of my lips, but better. it's a nice summery healthy glow. just shiny enough to look pulled together. i've been looking for something like this for ages. whee!!!

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Laura Mercier Lip Stain in Scarlet

Review by blacklittlepig: This is one of my HG staple products. Great colour, great staying power, capability to layer it on for added intensity or use just a bit for that "just bitten" look, not drying at all, even with my propensity to have cracked and dried out lips. The product looks really intense red in the pot, but once you dab it on it can go from VERY natural bitten, cherry red to a more intense - depending on you preference. Awesome product, will repurchase when I use it up, but you only need to use a little so it lasts a long time.

Review by dxgirly: i agree with the reviewer below,it looks scary red on the pot but once u dab a little on ur hand it gives a natural just bitten cherry look.it stays long,doesnt dried out my lips. its a plus for me. The price is not cheap though but u only need a little pat and it gives a nice innocent yet provocative just bitten lips. i would defintly buy this again if i ran out!!!! hurray!, by the way, i like this better than bobbi brown lip stain. i also like the way how i dab by finger on the pat and ran it on my lips..made me feel like charlotte dabbing a gloss on Sex and the city..you know.. looks so cute. hehe

Review by island_honey: One of the best things about this product is that it is a wonderful, true red with no orange-y brightness. It stays on nicely even when you put a little gloss over it. You must use your fingers to reapply (or carry around a lip brush). The color stays on through eating and drinking although not at the same intensity. Easy to touch-up. I highly recommend.

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