what to look for in lip products?3 best lip products

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By Vicky

what to look for in lip products?Let's see the 3 best lip products !


Bobbi Brown Tinted Lip Balm

Review by iberian: Really nice product, I don't like to wear lipstick but I like a little colour on my lips, you only need a small amount to smudge around your lips to give a nice pinky or reddy tint (I have the Pink Popsicle and Pink Raspberry). It feels really moisturising without being greasy too. A little expensive, though.

Review by lorraine07: This lip balm goes on the lips very smoothly and hydrates them very well. My only problem with it (that's the reason why I gave it 4 stars) is that the "Bronzed PINK" shade is not pink at all. Of course, because of the name, I had expected to receive a dirty pink, a dark pink, a whatever pink shade but I didn't. This is pure brown! This suits me quite well but again...I was expecting a pink shade.

Review by pinktulip: Love it love it love it! As I mentioned in my review on the Hazelnut color - I carry a tube in my jeans pocket at all times. The tinted lip balm has saved me from winter lips, gives me a nice, rich lip color and a good sheen.

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Fetish Fetish Lipstick

Review by zhenya: I needed a blue shade for my lips for a play, to play a ghost, so i bought this for a quarter. I was surprised how well the color worked. It was a really great blue color, and the shade lasted the whole play! Great Stuff.

Review by ahappyplace: I bought this in All-Time,its a nude like color, just what i want for spring. I got on sale, I guess cause they are getting rid of the stuff. I love the case too, a cool black case!

Review by Cygentte3: I love Fetish lipstick. They're deeply pigmented, go on smoothly, feel nice on, and have zero taste. None. No horrid lipsticky nastiness ever. I have Sun, Rain, Fire, and All-time. Fire is my HG red lipstick - I bought about 5. I've been using two tubes of it for over a year - one for bathroom, one for purse, and there has been no alteration of quality. If you can find them, buy them.

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Sephora aquatint

Review by kat_25: I know it's only July, but this is gonna be a summer staple! I have these (8) in Brown and Auburn, and they rock! I prefer Brown on my lips (more neutral), but the Auburn is nice, too. I either wear this with gloss or alone, which gives a very natural, pouty look.My lips are very pigmented, so I apply 2-3 coats of Brown and I'm set for the day. Aquatints wash off easily at the end of the day, so I'm not stuck with Kool-Aid lips the next morning. The 14ml bottle is huge, and will last a long time!

Review by runtagua: I bought this in peach, and I love that you can layer it on your lips for an intense color that stays all day long. However, my problem arose when I put it on a slightly damaged part of my lips (slightly damaged due to exema that went away, like, a year ago). On that part of my lips, the aquatint saturated so fully that the color would NOT come off, and I actually had to scrub my lips so hard to get it off that spot that it left a scabby part that will probably be there for a few months. I am disappointed, because I thought this product was a dream come true.

Review by fuxxy: I bought this product in each color available. I use these only as a stain on my lips (I never have had any luck with any wet stain being used on my cheeks as they dry to fast). I get the best results when I mix the colors together - a little bit of purple, a drop or two of brown, then several drops of peach and rose. I have a little glass vial that I mix this in and then I stick a q-tip in and apply to my lips. I like using stains as a base before putting lipstick on. I was sorry to see Sephora stop selling these but I still have almost full bottles of all the colors so I am set for quite awhile. These were very reasonably priced compared to other products like this from Benefit, Nars, and Trish McEvoy. I especially liked the option of many different colors.

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