what to look for in lip liner?3 best-selling lip liner

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what to look for in lip liner?Let's see the 3 best-selling lip liner !


Urban Decay 24_7 glide-on lip pencil

Review by island_honey: Oh man, I hate to be the first to give this a not-so-great review, but I am just SO dissapointed in this product. Based on all the rave reviews I had seen on this, I decided to give it a try, even though I am perfectly happy with my Revlon Colorstay lip liners. I put it on right after getting it. Then I went shopping and had lunch. After eating lunch, there is barely ANY product left on my lips at all, and I was even super careful while eating. It didn't even last a full 2 hours! Yes, this liner is super creamy, which is nice, but it also has to be sharpened, which is a pain, especially on the go. (Who wants to have to carry a pencil sharpener in their bag?) Plus, they don't come in very many colors. So, I'm definitely going to stick to my Revlon Colorstay Liners. In my opinion, it is a far superior product at about 1/2 the price.

Review by Farra: While I like this product I was very disappointed with the color I choose, Heavy. I was looking for a natural color and this is not it. The Sephora site calls this "shimmering nude". I would call it neutral but not nude. It is BROWN. Brown with shimmer. No nude/natural lip look for me with this one. I debated between this and Wallflower and clearly my coin was broken that day. I will exchange it for Wallflower.
These are very similar to the MUFE lip pencils (just like the eye pencils are very similar) just different colors. These are creamy and glide on beautifully. They stay on well. They are just plain good!

Review by dontblink15: Ah, U.D., make this self-sharpening. A major downfall to an otherwise nice product. Probably closer to 3 lippies.
I like the natural color (Wallflower) and creaminess. I use l/l as an allover color so I like to blend it in and this blends well. But I've had it all of three days and the thing'll be gone within a couple weeks if I have to keep sharpening it into oblivion.
I usually use Colorstay's Rose which is a similar color but even though the U.D. trumps it in quality, I'll probably go back because at less than half the cost, the convenience and cost-effectiveness of the twist-up application beats the heck out of the wastefulness of this one. Truth be told, neither U.D. or Colorstay have great staying power but if U.D. would up their game and change the format of the 24/7s, I'd be able to justify the cost and would very likely re-buy.

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MAC Cork lip pencil

Review by Jaie: Cork is excellent for GGGs and darker -- it works very well with Cherish l/s for a subtle nude lip. It also looks great with Oh Baby l/g and other warm browns. It's not as dark as Chestnut, and the golden undertones in the dark brown make Cork really useful for lipsticks with gold shimmer. You can even use it with O l/s.

Review by shelby1123: I use this color with everything and it just makes whatever I put on look better. I of course put it on with brown lipstick, but mostly love it with my BE cranberry suede lipstick. Or with a nude lipstick, or I fill in my whole lip with the cork lipliner and the put clear gloss over it. I love this color.

Review by Graceteix: Okay, I normally don't splurge on lipliners, but I have been searching for the perfect brown lipliner thats not too dark, has no reddish undertones, doesn't turn orange,and looks great with nude lipsticks/lipglosses. My search is over! This is a warm golden brown perfect for a MMM or a DDD. I bought one at MAC and also purchased a back up from a fellow swapper.

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Chanel Precision Lip Definer -Natural 34

Review by lizbert: I beleive this ia a new addition to the Chanel line with Fall of 2006 (at least in the US, but it may already have been released previously in Europe) It is a gorgeous nude color that leans slightly warmer and more peach than the popular "nude" pencil by Chanel. This is really great if, like me, you have warm coloring and tend to wear warm/neutral lip colors but have a natural mauveyness to your lips that can pull cool tones out of lipsticks. For me, this is the perfect go to lipliner, and as a matter of fact probaly the only one I will ever own in addition to my beloved Guerlain Cupidion. (For reference I am a warm ppp NC10-15, redhead with blue-green eyes) my new favorite nude l/l is MAC gingerroot, much creamier than this pencil and much less )

Review by sjcsmall: Chanel lipliner in 34 Natural is a soft creamy textured liner which blends into my light-medium pigmented lips like a dream. It has a 'barely there' look on me. This is an understated pink nude with a very subtle hint of brown on my lips. There is no orange or peach tone.
I like this liner, it is a perfect, reasonably long-lasting nude for me. I took off 1 lipstick because we should get more product for the price.

Review by fitnessa: At last, a nude lipliner that doesn't look brown on me (NC15)! Other reviewers described the color perfectly - a peachy nude with an almost undetectable light brown note. What I love so much about it is that it's not bright but muted. The texture is so smooth that it reminds me of the other kind of Chanel lipliner, Le Crayon Gloss.

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