what to look for in lip gloss?3 recommended lip glosss

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By Sara

what to look for in lip gloss?Let's see the 3 recommended lip glosss !


Bon Bons Lip Gloss

Review by ckgurl714: Aren't these just the cutest things? I have a few of them on hand. Sometimes they don't smell like what they're supposed to be, but then, I don't buy these solely for the smell. I actually like the consistency, and surprisingly, it does a good job of moisturizing my lips! Some colors show up more than others. At under 1 a pop, who can resist these?

Review by Graceteix: I have a lot of these glosses. I keep them in my handbags in case I forget to put my other stuff in there. They're pretty good to be so cheap. Plus the pots are so cute. I don't really like the brown swirly one, but I have one that's blue and white swirly that I use on occasion. I have them in a lot of different shades, but I hardly ever use them. They're not the best quality but if you're in a bind and you need lipgloss these are great. Also they are a hit with younger girls (i have cousin and nieces that I give them to as stocking stuffers) that are discovering cosmetics for the first time. I also like the mini nail polishes for the younger crowd as well.

Review by staci01: I got a bunch of these on sale at walmart for 10 cents! I was quite suprised at how much I liked this product. The bright and swirly colors in the pots are a bit intimidating but they go on to provide beautiful color and moist lips. This little pots are ultra portable b/c of their small size. I think I like the red and blue swirl and red and white swirl best.

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Mary Kate and Ashley Glossy Sheers in Mauve Glaze

Review by IiIy: This is my first product from the Olsen Twins, and I am pretty impressed. This color is a very sheer mauvey color, so sheer I hardly see any color at all. The gloss itself is thick, which was a pleasant surprise. The best part was the taste, vanilla coconut! But, for the same price, I prefer Rimmel's Snog for a mauve gloss.

Review by diachu21: I love the slanted applicator type glosses. So after reading the reviews and seeing this gloss at wal-mart I had to buy it. I did have some trouble finding a good un-used gloss because all of the glosses did not even have a seal so cover them up! When I unscrewed the cap on them gloss had been quirted out and it was a horrible mess on most of them! I'f youre buying them without a seal please check to see theyre unused! I finally found an unused one. I bought it for 2.94. As soon as I got in the car I put it on with my lip brush. It turns into a beautiful dark pink on my lips. Lots of shine! It lasted about an hour before I had to re-apply. My favorite brand is still Lancome's Juicy Tubes. If youre looking for a cheaper alternative then I'd go with this.

Review by shopgirl087: I bought this product on a whim one night at Walmart. I am not much of a lipgloss user, but I thought this looked like a great color. It is sheer but adds a hint of a deep pink to my lips. This smells amazing and has a great taste. It leaves lips shiney, but not goopy. It has a slanted tip for a nice application.

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Palladio Lip Twist

Review by amystar: Palladio liptwists are stila lipglaze knock-offs. I like that they have more pigment and come in a non-sticky formula. I like sheer cinnamon--a sheer red color, some other colors are heavier in pigmentation and I like those less. I recommend cinnamon and natural for sheer shimmers.

Review by glossgal_01: MAJOR RAVE--I bought this gloss in Mauve, and was happy with the formula (the gloss is VERY moisturizing, not too sticky, no weird taste or scent), but I wanted to try other colors (I prefer plums/berries to light pinks/mauves, which this is). So, I went back and purchased Sheer Burgundy (a burgundy, since I am a PPP, I wear a little bit of this over Clinique Black Honey and it looks great) and Sheer Almond (this is a great nude raisin--your lips but better). I definitely plan to buy more!

Review by Carrie: complete rave for this gloss. it is on of the better stila knockoffs and they give you a lot of gloss in it too. the shade mauve is great with slight glitter that is just perfect. the brush is great too, issental even for even application. with the clicky turner to bring up the gloss, gives you just enough so the whole thing doesnt come up giving you only one application.,. thats what happened with my stila one... what a waste.!

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