what to look for in lip gloss?3 recommended lip gloss brand

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By Stella

what to look for in lip gloss?Let's see the 3 recommended lip gloss brand!


Maybelline Hi-Shine Lip Polish in Pink Cadillac

Review by IiIy: "Pink Cadillac" is a neutral light milky pink with a subtle, pearly glimmer. It is a bit sheer, but a few layers lighten my naturally rosy lips a bit and gives them a nice, non-frosty sheen. The odd thing is that it has random bits of lavender-blue glitter scattered throughout. The glitter isn't gritty or garish and not even that noticeable most of the time--it's just strange.The texture is smooth and non-sticky and there is no scent or taste. It's packaged in a round tube with a doefoot applicator. Nothing problematic there, though I generally prefer squeezetubes. I really like the Lip Polishes--they're a great drugstore bargain!

Review by abrilio: this is my first foray into maybelline's lip polishes. the consitancy is nice and there is no smell or taste that i can detect. pink cadillac is a shimmery baby pink which leans to the blue side of pink in the tube, and i was hoping that it would come out that way on my lips. unfortunantly it comes out clear-ish, maybe a hint of pink, with shimmer. if i really load it on then i can see more pink. so it will make a great gloss for -over- something or the natural look, its just not the pink i was after!

Review by pinktulip: I love this lip gloss. It's a lovely sheer baby pink with plenty of shimmer. I was looking for an everyday gloss that will tone down my pigmented lips while giving it shine, and I found it in this gloss. The texture isn't bad-- it's not overly sticky nor is there a foul smell. My only concern is that a bit of the product does tend to leak out of the tube so you have to close it very tightly.

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Lancome Juicy Tubes - Pep Rally Pink

Review by Chloeclover: I usually love juicy tubes but this one I HATED. I only checked this out on my hand. I should have tried it out on my lips. My lips are pigmented and this made me look like I had hypothermia. It turned a blue shade on my lips. It just did not work on me.

Review by munchlaxy: YAY! I love this Juicy Tube! It is my favorite so far! The color in the tube isn't fab - but don't be fooled - it is great on! It's kinda a sheer pink, (light on the pigment) and has iridescent, almost holographic glitter. The glitter is very fine - so this is very wearable to work, etc. I also really like the fragrance of this one - it seems to have a citrusy smell. I definitely want to buy another of these ( I think they might be limited editions - not sure).

Review by blyss: This is pretty, I think it was the September tube of the month. It's a milky pink with glitter suspended. Looks very nice by itself for a really subtle lip, or also very pretty over lipstick.

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Bath and Body Works Liplicious Lip Gloss in Candy Apple

Review by pulidobl: Like the gloss and the color but the flavor was horrid. Won't be buying it again.

Review by askewchick: This lip gloss smells exactly like a candied apple but once on it has no taste. This is a lovely berry shade with subtle shimmer on the lips and it's very shiny. It's not too sticky, but it's sticky enough to stay put. The texture reminds me of the C.O. Bigleow lip shines. I got this as a part of the 2 for 10 Bath and Body Works sale, but the gloss is originally only 6. It comes in a squeeze tube and is very easy to apply.

Review by Pinki: I love this.It 'smells like apple jacks milk after the cereal is gone ' according to my fiance.
To me it does smell faintly of candy apple and fades after a bit. Pretty plummy ,slightly shimmery color.To me its like stila blackberry gloss iwthout the shimmer. Donot be intimidated by the brownish plum color in teh tube ,its totally pretty and wearble on many skin tones if not all. Not sticky and hadheres well to my lips.Slanted tip make for easy application .I hope it stays around.

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