what to look for in lip gloss?3 popular lip glosss

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what to look for in lip gloss?Let's see the 3 popular lip glosss !


Christian Dior Dior Addict Reflect - Red Stockings 757

Review by hersheyb: This is a really good true red. Its sparkly but not over the top. It has a great light feel and last a good long time! I use it ofter by mixing with straight lip balm to lessen the color!

Review by cgosyne: I love this colour, it's so luxurious and feels silky on your lips. It's a colour that makes you feel expensive and beautiful.
The formula is thick but is easily spreadable across your lips. The staying power isn't anything to phone home about but it is certainly above average.
The thing I most like about this product other than the colour and how shiny it is, is how unsticky it is, which is my pet peeve with glosses.
Definitely a winner :)

Review by pinktulip: This gloss applies on me with full color. It comes on full red and with the added shine... deliciously pouty lips. I've used this probably once because there aren't many occasions that call for red lips in my life. It is very pretty tho. I wouldn't buy again since I don't wear it often so it probably won't run out for a VERY long time. I love its brush applicator. I do have enough glosses to last me a lifetime, but I'd repurchase if I saw a color I have to have.

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Prescriptives Tint Balm in Mulberry

Review by isabellet: I absolutley love this product! The texture and smell is great.....I am not too crazy about squeezeable tubes as far as packaging but I really like the quality of this gloss/balm. I have it in vanilla, its kind of what I was looking for in mac's c-thru lipglass except much better texture...

Review by cyndiinphilly: This is a great, very versatile product, almost identical to Bobbi Brown's Lip Tints SPF 15. The product is like a cross between balm and gloss - it's glossier than a balm, but more moisurizing than a gloss. By itself it gives lips a pretty, natural-looking shine (the color is almost non-existent) with a yummy berry flavor. I like to layer it with lipstick to add moisture, shine and sun protection. I found I was allergic to something in this and had to stop wearing it.

Review by runty: I like the product, hate the packaging. It comes in a tube (like for toothpaste, but smaller), and it burst in my purse. Other than THAT, I do like this. I like that it has SPF 15. It's also very flattering on my pale, freckled face. I like a 'natural but better' kind of look, especially since that's usually all that I have time for in the morning. This gloss adds a nice and subtle berry sheen to lips, has decent lasting power, and smells delicious. I would definitely consider buying it again...I just have a few other lip glosses to use up first.

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Fusion Beauty LipFusion Lip Plump Shine - Bare

Review by Pinki: haha..wow. I love the color. Im NC37ish and this is my lips but better nude/peachy lip color perfect to my skintone. I got this for 10 at sephora sweet steal. What I love about this lipgloss is its very moisturizing, and it doesnt burn and sting like pepper spray. It smells like oranges, very summerlike. Plumping is quite minimal, but 10, its not bad. Stays on long enough than most lipglosses I have tried. I probably wont buy again due to the original price of 38. There are alot of other drugstore brands 3 times cheaper.

Review by blueaygi: i personally think that too face lip injection works better but i dont like the mineral oil in it this stuff i didnt notice a differnce at all. with too faced my lips look actually injected like when i did have them done at a cosmetic surgeons office

Review by Erin: I got this at Sephora for 10.00.
PERFECT. The color is very nice, i don't feel anything on the lips but barely a numbness, conditions all day long, stay power. One of the best lipgloss ever. Even so, i will not pay 38.00 for a lipgloss, overpriced. I will buy it again for 10.00 only.

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