what to look for in lip gloss?3 popular lip gloss reviews

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By Elena

what to look for in lip gloss?Let's see the 3 popular lip gloss reviews!


The Body Shop sunrise pink 10

Review by fitnessa: Love this one! It's subtle and shimmery with a hit of coral that really sets off my blue eyes. It's moisturizing and has decent staying power, a really nice lip color for everyday wear. I took off one lippy because I'm not a fan of the "passion fruit" scent that TBS puts in many of their lippies.

Review by peachy905: My HG lipgloss. It's a tad too warm for me, but it looks gorgeous none the less. I love the shimmer and the texture of it is unbeatable.... smooth and glossy. It also has a pleasant smell, very light. I use this every day, and it's almost time to repurchase a new tube. Love!

Review by stephanie32082: I LOVE this product. It looked a little orange in the tube and I don't normally go for that but it looks frosty and luminous on the lips. It's so hot. I wear this when my eyes are dramatic becuse it turnes out a little nude. I WILL purchase this again.

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Jemma Kidd Makeup School JK Jemma Kidd Lip ID Color-Adapt Lip Gloss

Review by betsyab: Way too pink for me. It may look good in some people but in me it doesn't.

Review by pink_cosmos: Great product! It comes out of the tube clear but once applied on my lips, it turns the prettiest pink color that goes great with my skintone; not too bright or garish. It isn't sticky and you really don't need much. The price isn't your usual Target pricing but the fact that a) the color lasts even when the shine is gone, b) the consistency is really good as a lip gloss, and c) like I mentioned, you really don't need a lot of get moisture, shine and color, makes it a repurchase in my book. In fact, I already have a backup on hand!

Review by gogoamy: OMG!!! I LOVE LOVE! this stuff, it is so perfect. The packaging is cute, and flirty. This color really does adjust differently to different people. I tried it on for the first time, and it was a hot hot deep pink almost red glossy color. but natural looking somehow? Then I tried it on the next day, and it was a light pink with a tint of a rosy color, like i just ate a cherry popsicle on a summers day! it brings out the color in my cheeks and makes my eyes stand out. This is a must have, the texture of this is PERFECT. I wish MAC's lipgloss's felt this nice, It's so smooth and silky, feels like your wearing lipbalm! (seriously)
Its 20.00 well worth it, because a little goes along way. I love this new line at Target, and i will repurchase

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Chanel Barely Strawberry

Review by angelchan: This is a beautiful rose color on me. When I saw it in the tube, I was concerned it would be too fuschia but it looks great on. The texture is different from other glossimers. It's more like a liquid lipstick than a gloss. I hope Chanel makes more of these in other shades.

Review by rebec75: I absolutely LOVE this lipgloss! It's a sheer red, not very shiny. I have been looking for a gloss in this shade FOREVER! It also has no taste or smell either, which I love!

Review by London84: Beautiful colour! I love the texture of these glosses. I love the mini set it comes in. Perfect

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