what to look for in lip gloss?3 popular lip gloss review

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what to look for in lip gloss?Let's see the 3 popular lip gloss review!


Bobbi Brown Tangerine

Review by mz654: Tsngerine is a peachy pink l/g that seems perfect for daytime. It seems to be too playful for the night time. When I tried this in the store I felt like a was a kid again. Basically it is a fun lipgloss. It is not as serious as pictured in the summer(pic in my profile) In factit doesn't look like that at all) much to my disappointment. It looks closer to the print out of the summer look that you get at the counters but I feel like this is still a bit lighter. I believe the model's lips are more pigmented. I already have nicer glosses than this club monaco cherub, bloom melon, stila lipglazes in tangerine, and orange so I passed on buying this for now.

Review by marsqurine: Perfect peach, not too bright, no shimmer. Goes well with BB Melon lip liner. Has excellent staying power. A bit sticky though. I like the texture better than her regular lip glosses. Makes my lips look really full and glossy also. Not crazy about the tube. It's small, brush applicator is tiny and a little hard to pull out with the right amount of product. Other than that, it look so flattering on me I have to give it 5 lippies. Love the vanilla scent too.

Review by ahappyplace: I love this color! I am a super cool toned brunette and it is so rare when I can wear a peachy orange color. What saves this from the warm realm is the touch of pink it has. It just looks so fresh and so pretty. It is sheer, high shine, super sticky (so it lasts and lasts). The perfect coral I plan to wear this well into fall :) No shimmer.

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Revlon Star Attraction Lipgloss Fuchsia Smooch

Review by tippygirl: I got this item in a swap from the fabulous lipglossjunkee. Awesomeness in a pot. When I read mag reviews of gloss that mention anything about "popsicle-stained" lips, I start eyerolling immediately.
But not now. Fiercely bright blue-toned fuchsia in the pot, with a brush it really did go on as if I'd been trying to apply a popsicle like a lipstick. Good staying power and I used a sparkly pale gloss over it just for some extra oomph.
Brightens up my face so much that I could look done with it and a little mascara.
Never seen this before, so don't know how hard it is to find, but certainly is worth a try. I've tried a lot of glosses and this certainly ranks up for there...and I consistently reach for it.

Review by betsyab: Pretty pretty pretty color! What you see in the pot, is a crazy fuchsia but when you put it on your lips, it's a more muted, but very pretty color. I like it so much that I bought two! Then again, I live by the Revlon Company Store so instead of paying more than 10 dollars, I paid a more reasonable amount. I don't know why they charged over 10 dollars for this, but it IS a very nice addition to your makeup collection IF you can find it.

Review by roxiblue: I really, really love this and must wear it more! The packaging is to die for with it's pink lace print, and the brush makes me want to squeal with joy (yes, things like this ARE that exciting to me). A brush that is also a latch? GLEEEEEEE. The lipgloss applies really smoothly, isn't sticky, has just the right amount of pigment to give a bit of punch to your look. I'd love to find more of these :)

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Sephora Apricot Lip Gloss

Review by suze9_8: This is such a pretty gloss. I like everything about it; the colour, the smell (especially! so yummy!), the shine, the shimmer, and the packaging. Oh, and the price too. Can't forget that! It's pretty cheap (for Sephora at least) and you get quite a bit in the tube. It's a nice shade, a soft, shimmery, peachy pink. Not too pigmented, but enough. My only qualm with it is that it has a tendency to goop up in the corners of your mouth. You know when you get that white ring around your lips? But I like everything else about it, and I'd really like to try other shades.

Review by SisleyAus: This color is amazing. It's orange, but not garish, and it's shimmery. It reminds me of L'oreal's Melon Punch Color Juice, except that this is more pigmented. I'll definitely try other Sephora glosses.

Review by ooliedonna: This lipgloss is pretty sheer. The smell is just like the rest of the sephora lip glosses. You get a really good amount in the tube for the price. I dont mind this gloss but I definitely prefer others with more color.

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